Friday, 24 February 2017

I Grew Up Here

This is Convent Bukit Nanas, also known lovingly as CBN. I spent 6 years of my life here as a CBN 2 primary school student back in 2003 - 2008, and I haven't stepped foot on the school grounds ever since. But last week, I finally had the chance to visit my old school because I was doing my MUET in St John's (a boys' school that's situated probably like 50 feet away from CBN), and you could say that I was hella nostalgic while I was there. Almost shed tears but pfft, we all know that I'm sentimental as hell so that shouldn't come off as a surprise hahah. I loved this school so much, and I know that this place played a huge role in shaping my character. My confidence, independence, discipline, respect.. I pretty much learned all of that here. I had good friends, some of which I am still in contact with until today, I had amazing teachers, I was super active in after school activities like gymnastics, cheerleading, choral speaking, sports, you name it. I don't know about other people but to me personally, my primary schooling days were the best. I moved from school to school in secondary, so I didn't get a chance to grow up or find myself as much in those places, but CBN was different. CBN was home.

Whenever people ask me where CBN is, I would tell them it's right underneath KL Tower, on a hill, overlooking a jungle. 
Some people think I'm joking but it's the truth ! CBN is in the heart of KL. 

Those three buildings weren't there when I was still in CBN so I was kinda surprised when I saw this view but it's beautiful nonetheless ; 
an old school surrounded by modern day sky scrappers. 

Teachers from my final year in CBN. Surprisingly I still remember some of their names ! I bumped into the counselling and guidance teacher Puan Zuwita (she still looks the sameeee) while I was walking around the school, and we had a little chat about where I am now and which teachers are still around. I got super excited when she told me that Ms. Kannaghe was still teaching there, she was my absolute favourite teacher and I made it a point to go and see her that day. 

And I did ! 

Excuse my puffy, pale, and tired looking face, I woke up at freaking 5AM that day haha. But anyway, so incredibly happy that I met Puan Sathiya and Ms Kannaghe ! Puan Sathiya didn't remember who I was, but Ms Kannaghe remembered !! Puan Sathiya was all like "Ahhh I don't remember" and what Ms. Kannaghe said almost made me cry "Izza Atirah ! She always had the high ponytail, and straight hair, and she was in blue house ! Very polite girl, all the teachers loved her !!"


Red Hall

White Hall. But no idea why the walls are cream now ???


I remember vividly running around on the grass during recess / after school 

The corridors I once walked by every single day

Classroom tiles. Felt like I was 7 again. 

Public phone still at the same spot hahaha. But there isn't a stool underneath anymore. Maybe the kids grew taller..

Founded 1899

This is what the view in front of CBN looked like : 

Told you it was overlooking a jungle. 

But there never used to be a gate there. Sometimes sneaky little kids (like my friends and I) would go in there and then come back down. 
Maybe that's why they put the gate there hahaha.

Because of my recent visit to CBN, I felt the need to look for my old photos. Found a few !

Class monitor in standard 2 and 4, school prefect in standard 5 and 6

Top row, third from the right, in case you're wondering hahaha 

(I'm the one seated next to Puan Sathiya)

Standard 2 Izza. Spot the class monitor :p

Anyone that was from CBN / St John back in the early 2000s would recognise this wall : 

I swear this was once the wall of vandalism hahaha. There were phone numbers, names, mean things, nice things, I love _____ (s)..
Good to know kids nowadays aren't vandalising this wall anymore hahahaha. 

This was in St John, after my MUET test ; 

CBN, you were great. If I have a daughter one day, I'd want to send her here too. 


  1. sometimes i hate myself for being an extremely sentimental person but knowing you (by reading your blog ofc hehe) always make me feel a less loner. sometimes i always wondered how some people who have achieved so much in life specifically in academic at a very young age and settled down somewhere far from their hometown, place where they grew up and made friends that lost through the years, have they ever wondered how theyre doing and where are they now. i honestly wanted to be that type of person, creating more memories in more beautiful places specifically in UK where i always wanted to pursue my studies there but london seems so far away from me now :( i struggled so hard to get there but fate brought me here doing foundation in law in uitm dengkil. and i always thought nothing special here to be thought of when i get older compared to london which i can have as many roadtrips as i want across europe during summer or winter break with my friends. even it hurts to be far away from ur beloved hometown but at least youre somewhere else creating more and more beautiful memories together with your friends who are actually in the same situation as you for many many years. i dont know whats the point of writing this but hey thanks for sending your time reading my rambles hehehehe love u !

    1. Hi Anis ! I can totally relate with what you wrote, I wanted to study abroad too. But then again, there's a reason why we're here, and if we have fate in Allah's plans for us then we should believe that this is for the best. And you should be proud that you're in UiTM, I applied last time to do foundation in law but I didn't get in. You can still road trip with your friends in Europe, save up some money to go there and visit them ! And no problem, I love reading / replying to comments (especially lengthy ones) haha ! Have a nice day xx

  2. Omg Izza you were pretty even as a kid!!! Apa ni I jealous okay hahaha. I did my muet last November and I got Band 5 hahah. Pretty sure you're gonna get either band 5 or 6. Loved this post btw, its so personal! :) xx

    1. Hahaha so sweet of you to say that, thank you !! Omg Band 5 is amazing, good job ! Hopefully I'll be able to do well haha. Kinda scared because I have friends who are a lot more proficient in English than I am but they got Band 4. Glad you loved this post, I had fun reminiscing :D xx

  3. Hey izza, cute gila laa you dlm gmbr tu. Omg!. I do read another ent1 abt dino. I hope he fine out there. Take care izza xx.

    1. Hi Afiqah ! Thank youu so much, I hope he's fine too. Take care :) xx

  4. Oh my god!!! I spot myself in most of the photos you posted here. Hahahahaha Good old days. Have a nice day ahead Izza

    1. Hahaha oh my god who are youuuu ? Good old days indeed !! You have a nice day too xx

    2. Hahahaha people call me Syara but I don't know if you remember me ��

    3. Syarafana is it ? I think I do remember !

  5. What app do u use to edit ur pctures? they look like film pictures! love it!

    1. VSCO ! So flattered you like the pictures I take and edit haha thank you !! x