Sunday, 26 February 2017


When Dino went missing, my heart shattered. And up until now I'm still learning to pick up the pieces. He may be just a cat, but he was my cat, and I loved him very much. 
I'm home most of the time, and when I'm at home, I'm always with Dino. I have watched Dino as a newborn baby kitten who just came out from my cat Sapphire's tummy, 
to watching him grow into such a smart, lovely, and handsome cat. 

It's 12AM right now, and it's pouring outside. I wasn't planning on writing about Dino tonight but somehow, I miss his presence now more than ever. Dino and I have this thing in common where we both hate it when it rains heavily, especially when there's thunder and lightning. We get scared. So in a situation like this, when Dino was still around, I would jump out of bed (even in the middle of the night), run downstairs, open the front door, and call him to come in. "Dino !! Dino boyyyy !" and then I'd see him running from a distance and straight through the front door. Sometimes he'd be wet from running in the rain, sometimes not. We'd both run up to my room after that, and I'd cuddle him on my bed until his purring stops 
and he falls asleep, and then I fall asleep. 

T h i n g s   I   m i s s ;

Dino waking me up in the middle of the night because he was hungry
I even had cat food in my room just for him, and I'd hear him munching on cat biscuits at 3AM. He'd wake me up if it wasn't enough haha.

Dino being the first one to greet me when I get home
He's always, always so happy and excited to see me. Even if he was upstairs in my mum's room, 
and he'd have this cat instinct that I'm near, he'd run downstairs and wait by the door for me. 

How Dino is always up for a cuddle
So extremely manja with me.

How clingy Dino was
I swear, he'd follow me everywhere around the house like a puppy. I can't even have my bathroom door shut 
whenever I'm inside because he won't stop tapping the door and meowing asking me to open it. 

Dino's soft meows
and how he always meows wide enough that I could see his perfect little teeth. Also, talking to Dino was a lot of fun. 
He'd almost always respond, and it'd be like I was having an actual conversation with him. 

Him interrupting my Skype calls with Irfan
He was always getting in the way but I didn't mind one bit. 

Dino falling asleep in my arms. 
All I had to do was pick him up to put him to sleep. 

How Dino would sit close to me whenever I'm sad or crying
Somehow he just knows. 

Dino sleeping soundly on my bed while I do my assignments late at night
Always a lovely sight. 

Watching him eat
He's always hungry, and he'd never say no to food it's so so cute. 

How he was the most comfortable with me
I swear he is scared of everyone, and everything
The only people he trusts are me, my mum, and Zicky. 

How he was always so lovable. 
With me, with my other cats. 

M e m o r i e s ;

He was still scared of humans at this point hahaha

The first time he sat with me to watch TV

First day of work. Still in my Baskin Robbins uniform.

He went missing so unexpectedly that I keep praying he'd miraculously reappear, but he never does. It's been nearly 6 months and I'm still not quite over it. I don't cry a lot anymore but when I remember something about Dino my heart drops. I accepted the fact that he might never come back. Until now, I'd hate to think that something bad happened to him, so I convince myself that another cat-lover is taking care of him and is giving him a much lovelier home. I love you, Dino. If I don't get to see you again in this life, I know I'll get to see you in the next. Thanks for being the best companion to me over the years. No cat could ever compare to you. Mama, Zicky, and I are missing you always.

It's the 26th of February and if you're still alive somewhere, Happy 4th Birthday baby Dino


  1. Lovely post evaaa! So so touched, my heart cant take this.. tears fell omg ���� I pray that he'd come back to you, soon insyaAllah. No worries, Allah is taking care of him wherever he is now ��

    1. Thank you for your kind doa, Zulaikha. Lots of love xx

  2. i don't have a cat but somehow i feel so sad reading this post. :( hope dino fine wherever he was.

    1. Yeah me too :( Thank you Azyyati xx

  3. idk but have u tried searching at your old place ? :/

    1. Yeah, multiple times :( Plus my best friend was my neighbour, so if Dino was around there she would have seen him

  4. this is so sad, I hope Dino would miraculously appears before you one day ;(

    1. Hope so too :( Thank you so much Lya xx

  5. aww this is such a lovely post :) my inner cat lady can relate. I lost my cat too and it was heartbreaking but yeah we will see them in the next life inshaa Allah xx

    1. Thank you Nafisah ! We cat ladies need to stick together. Mhmm insyaAllah :) xx

  6. Hi Izza. If you dont mind me asking, how do you deal with the pain of heartbreak? :(

    1. Hii, I surround myself with people that make me happy, and I keep myself occupied with things I love doing. I try to spend as little time alone as possible because that's when I start thinking about it and break down. I hope you feel better ! :( xx

  7. hi izza have you ever bought anything from sephora using online store? i kinda want to know how do i redeem my birthday offer when checking out. its expiring soon and i just figure why not use it. im still in my sephora white card. it says use the loyalty reward tab but i cant find it?? lol sorry this may have to do with nothing. just didnt know who else to potentially ask hahaha

    1. Hii ! No I've never bought anything on Sephora online. Haha I'm so sorry I don't know how to help you, but email them directly and I'm sure they'll get back to you soon (you can find their email address on the website somewhere). I've had experience emailing them and their customer service team is pretty helpful :)

  8. Do u not blog anymore? :(

    1. I dooooo ! Sorry I haven't been blogging in a while :(