Saturday, 24 December 2016

Kak Sue's Bridal Shower

My cousin, Sueraya (I call her Kak Sue) is getting married in like a week's time, and I am extremely thrilled for her. She's the second one among my cousins to get married, Kak Long was the first last year (Shamine x Izwan Part I & Shamine x Izwan Part II ). Kak Sue's bridal shower last Saturday @ Bowery, Publika was nothing but lovely. The dress code was pastel, table setup was beautiful, and the couple of hours I got to spend with everyone was just filled with smiles, and laughs, and loads of pictures. Oh yeah, and food ! Who could forget the food. 

Kak Long's friend, Izzat was the photographer for the day, and all of the photos came out beaaaaautifullly. Most of the photos I wanna share in my blog post today are credits to him and you guys can check him out on Instagram : @helloizzatphotographyThe rest of the photos (basically all the non-pro, amateur looking ones haha) are either from my camera / iPhone. 

Bride-to-be !

Caught in the act
My food tasted so goooood. Highly recommend the lasagna from Bowery. 

Outfit of the day !

Twinning with Kak Yan 

Most photogenic twins I know 

Izza being... Izza. 

Obsessed with our only niece (on this side of the family).

Can you see the family resemblance ? 

Cucu Nek Laili girls. MIA : Kak Keyna 

Japanese genesss

Kak Long, Inaayah, Kak Sue 

That bride-to-be glow. So beautiful !

Kak Nisha and Inayaah !

Like mother, like daughter. 

T-8 days to the #NazimSue wedding ! Seeing another cousin of mine about to get married makes me realise how much we've grown up. I mean, I can still remember all the sleepovers we used to have, how we'd all shower together when we were little, how we all berebut on who gets to sit on the swing in front of Nenek's house, 
having mini concerts with bad singing and equally as bad dancing hahah.. and now one by one is getting hitched. 

We're not little girls anymore :')

Take a wild guess which one I am hahaha
(Hannah's missing in this one) 


  1. Hey Izza! You're still using your olympus pen camera is it? :)

  2. Hye Izza ! Where did you bought your Longchamp bag and how much was it ?

    1. Hii ! I really can't remember... I bought them years ago T.T

  3. Hi Izza! If you have the time to, I'd love it if you would do a post about your room, like a room tour because I've seen some of the pics you posted here and they're so pretty!! Would love to see the full version of it!

    1. Hii ! I'll definitely post a room tour but I can't promise when, still not fully satisfied with how it looks yet hehe. Such a compliment that someone likes my room tho, thank you ! x

  4. I thought you sold your camera? :o

    1. Haha I wanted to at first but decided otherwise :)