Thursday, 17 November 2016

Crowd Pleaser

Perks of living (sorta) far away from everything, I get to witness the prettiest skies. #nofilter

I haven't blogged in over a month. That's long, I know ! Whenever I decide to blog, something would come up, and by the time I want to continue - my writing flow has gone out the window so I just start again and end up having drafts and drafts of blog posts with less than 5 lines each. Hah. But I guess part of the reason why my blog has been lacking updates is because I was busy living in the moment (ceh) too. Taking one day at a time, basically being present in life haha. So, here's what's been going on with me :

1. I really miss my cat, Dino. I've been trying to finish a blog post about him for a while now, but every time I start typing I just end up crying... which is really pathetic (is it?) considering how it's been almost 3 months. Losing him was and still is my biggest heartbreak. I got used to having him around me everyday for 3 years, that when he's not around anymore I just feel.. empty. His absence affected me more than I could ever imagine, and it really sucks losing a loved one like that. I didn't even get to say goodbye, and I don't even know what happened to him. If anything, his loss has made me learn two things about myself, one ; when I get attached, I get too attached, and, and two ; I am horrible when it comes to dealing with loss. 

2. On a brighter and happier note, everything else in my life is going well. Alhamdulillah. Starting to get used to the subjects I'm taking this semester + all the work (and stress) that come with it. Finished my mid-semester exams last week, so that means the other half of the workload is juuuust about to begin (read : more assignments, tests, projects, and finals to ace). Family is good, my other cats are all good. Oh, and I'm gaining a bit of weight !! I am underweight and I've been trying to gain for months, so now I'm like 3kgs away from my target weight haha. I'm grateful for my high metabolism rate, but I just don't wanna look like a tooth pick. 

3. I like that I sleep really early nowadays, I'm talking really early like I pass out by 10PM. Pity Irfan because he'd text me and I won't reply, so he ends up calling to say goodnight and I'm just like mumbling away on the phone hahaha. But it's good because I wake up easily in the morning, sometimes even before my alarm rings at 6.30. Miracle. My sleeping pattern is A-okay, it's just that during the day I can get pretty busy so that's why I can barely function at night haha. I guess the only con to this is that on nights where I have to stay up to finish up an assignment that's due the next day (yes Izza is still queen of procrastination), it's such a struggle ! I have to nap for a little and then wake up again at like 2AM to finish it (shoutout to the best boyfriend ever for always calling to make sure that I'm up and doing my work, bless you). I only get a couple hours of sleep after that before I have to get up and start my day again. Used to be a pro at pulling an all-nighter, but not anymore. Clearly.
4. Still working on Sundays at FV, I stopped for a while in June until end of August, but I've been consistently working part time again. Work can be tiring, but I'm glad I have good friends at work so I actually look forward to seeing them every Sunday. We got new uniforms last week and I.... don't like it. It's a pretty top and all (soon we're gonna get pants, and shoes.. yikes), but I'm so used to wearing the grey FV jumper that wearing a blouse to work feels so off haha. With the jumper it's like wearing pyjamas - comfy and it keeps me warm when the shop becomes freezing cold. Also, I don't have to worry about ironing, because I basically just put it on and I'm done haha. But this new uniform tho, less practical but I guess we look more put-together (?) I hope we do, if not, then what the hell for hahah. 

5. Sundays are for work, (most) Saturdays are for Irfan ! Hahaha. I've been seeing him at least once a week for the past month, and I'm so so happy. If you know us, you know that we're not one of those couples who see each other a lot - I mean don't get me wrong, we'd love to, but we both have our own shit to do haha. So yeah, our little lunch dates where we get to hang out and share food and talk are my favourite kind of days. I get all mushy when I think about us, but I really do love how much we've grown into the relationship. Everyday I feel like the luckiest girl to have him around, and I hope I always will.

6. I miss my best friends. I've been seeing my other group of best friends - Jiha, Jane, Acap, Nabel quite a few times already, and I'm so glad we made time to catch up and chill together. Definitely beats our once / twice a year gathering ever since school ended hahah. But I really miss my Super Dupers tho. Wanted to Skype with them the other day but I wasn't home. Tania and Hanis are in the UK so it's almost impossible to get all 10 of us to be free at the same time. LDR problems haha. Oh, I finally got to see Ainaa, Sol, and Ed after what seemed like forever (it's only been a couple of months). They came to campus last Monday to settle some stuff, so we took that opportunity to go have lunch together and catch up. Swear I miss seeing them everyday in class. Uni's not the same without them :( 

7. Braces Update. It's been almost a year and I have a power chain stretched across my top row of teeth. My dentist also made me wear rubber bands / elastics / whatever you call them on both sides of my teeth, I have to hook one end on the very back molar of my top row, and stretch it out to one of my bottom premolars that have a hook on the bracket. If I'm not wrong, the bite correcting phase is the last phase of wearing braces, so hopefully I'll only have a few months left til I get them off. I'm too scared to ask my dentist when I'll be done with braces, because I might be disappointed with what he says haha. Initially when I first got them on, he said a year+, so hopefully that's still the case haha. I'll just go along until he says he'll take them off in the next appointment. 

Anyway, I hope everyone's all good and well. I'll try not to neglect my blog for a month again hahaha. 
Oh, and thank you to those who participated in my Sudio giveaway, I felt so touched reading all of the comments and it was so tough to pick a winner ! 
Looking forward to hosting more giveaways in the future, so don't worry if you didn't win the first one. 

Lots of love. xx


  1. Replies
    1. Need to meet up soon whenever you're back from Notts !

  2. Hello Kak Izza, im starting to sell my things on carousell. So here's are few questions i want to ask you hehe
    1) What do I do after I make a deal with the costumer?
    2) What should i ask them for their details?
    3) Is the postage currently RM 7 for WM?
    4) When i go to poslaju, what should i do?
    5) How do i get the tracking number?
    6) I should post it after they make the payment right?
    7) Should i give my details too?
    8) Where and when should i buy plastic for postage? On the day i want to post it or..?
    9) Is weight of the items play rolls in the postage fee?
    10) I already stated that price for the postage is RM 7. How if they buy more?
    11) Is that RM 7 postage fee only come in 1 size plastics?

    I know that i ask you many questions. Please help me Kak Izza. I've tried to google it but none can answer my questions. And i really hope that you will since you've experienced it. Love you, bye.

    1. Pretty sure you've asked this before, I replied your comment in this post :

  3. How didchu get an A for fo real u're a genious. I did my test 2 just now. I can only answer 1 questions je the rest smua ada i tinggal and ada yg halfway je i buat. So hard. I need atleast pass. Pass is enough. WHY IS IT SO HARD OR AM I STUPID? :(

    1. Hahah just make sure you read and remember the cases ! I'm not a genius, but I really liked Business Law so I guess I was so into studying for that subject that I got an A. Oh was your test just now it in LT714 ? I was in the session after yours for my Cross Cultural Management paper tadi hahah (I know it was business law cause I have a friend taking that subject now too). Who's your lecturer, is it Madam Hafizah ? Business Law is quite difficult and you're not stupid !! Don't worry about messing up your Test 2, start studying now for finals and make sure you do your assignments well.

      Tips I can give you :

      1) NEVER EVER SKIP A LAW CLASS. You skip, terus you won't understand the whole topic.
      2) If your lecturer is Madam Hafizah, I've learned that as long as you write a lot, there's a higher chance for you to get more marks from her. Whatever you know about that topic, just write them alllll down. I think this can be applied to other law lecturers too actually.
      3) Follow the format to answer a law paper. Know where to put the sections, and cases / illustrations, etc.
      4) Listen to your lecturer in class. Pay attention. Cause odds are when you do a paper, the ones that you can actually remember + understand the most are usually the ones that the lecturer has explained in class.

      Good luck with the rest of the semester ! x

  4. Yerp!! I was in Lt714 at 2-4pm. Yes! Yerp madam hafizah. Gahhh. Thank you so muchhhhh for the tips!!! It really means a lot to me!! Now i feel like i have a little bit motivation. THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN IZZA ����

  5. The other thing that im still confused is kan you kata kita bawa barang tu and gi post office semua pastu hantar. What if my costumer dh bank it rm 7 for fee postage but then bila i timbang kat sana fee dia bukan rm 7. So how? And also masa gi post office nk post brg tu costumer dh bank in duit eh? Ataupun boleh je kan pergi sana just untuk ambil borang and timbang pastu baru settle dgn costumer postage fee berapa? Sorry again

    1. Then you bear the cost la if it's more, because you've already stated that postage is RM7. But if it's clearly a heavy item, then tell them in advance that postage is higher because of the item's weight. Usually sellers will just put a standardised price for postage, but if they order a lot then they'll ask buyers to pay a little more. Yes, post after the buyer dah bayar. Unless you nak kena tipu, post barang and they don't pay, go ahead and post first. It's usually like that, tak perch lagi I see a seller post out an item first before payment is made. It's up to you la honestly how you nak run your business of whatever you're selling, if you much prefer them paying later, then sure. But USUALLY, that's not the case.

  6. Hye Izza, how long have you been together with Irfan ? And what age would you like to get married ?

    1. Hii ! 2 years and a half. I'd like to get married before I turn 25, no specific reason why haha. Whatever age is fine for me actually, just depends on whether or not I'm ready to commit to a marriage, and if I can be financially stable on my own :)