Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Earphones are easily an essential item in my life. I mean, it's no secret that I love listening to music. So whenever I need to kill time, you can bet I have my earphones on blasting Spotify playlists - in flights, long car / bus rides, you name it. In a lot of situations, my earphones are my best friends. But even at home, they're my best friends too ! I have days that I blast music through a speaker in my room, but most of the time, I  just prefer having my earphones plugged in to my laptop. Not just to listen to music while I do assignments or blog, but also when I binge watch videos, tv series, movies, and even for Skype calls. It's just better with earphones on because I feel like I'm in my zone, and the outside world can't get to me. 
Shoutout to whoever invented earphones, you da bomb. 

For years, I have depended on the Apple EarPods that came with my phone. They're pretty good, decent sound quality, has a mic and control buttons. Y'know, all the standard stuff. I never really thought about getting a better pair of earphones even though they were something I used all the time. But man, everything changed when Sudio sent me a pair of their VASA earphones earlier in September. I wish I had gotten them sooner, because they made such a big difference to how everything sounded. Before I go on about sound quality, I need to show you how beautiful they are - from packaging all the way to the product itself. Sudio knows what they're doing. 

I don't know about you, but I have always associated Sweden with having really good taste in.. everything. They are taking the world by storm with household brands like IKEA, H&M, DW. Even Acne Studios (you'd see a lot of this brand on fashion-y Tumblrs) that are famous for their very minimal-cool clothing + accessories, hail from Sweden too. Besides that, I'm always on interior design / decor blogs and I could say that 70% of the homes featured are Scandinavian, mostly from Sweden. Point is, they've just got impeccable style and it's no wonder Stockholm is considered one of the most fashionable cities in the world. When you think of Swedish brands, you know that they never skimp on quality. Everything is well made, and they look just as good too.  So when I learned that the earphones I was getting were from a brand based in Sweden, I had high expectations already. 

Unboxing time ! 

Just look at how nice and special they made the box ! Coincidentally these came in a couple days before my birthday, so the fact that it came in a box like that with the ribbon and all made me feel so special haha. The earphones will come in that box no matter when you order, definitely gift-worthy !

When I opened the box and took out the actual packaging of the earphones, I was already digging how minimal the packaging looks. 
Plus it came in a very sturdy well made box, with magnetic closure. Feels super luxurious already, and it's only the box ! Haha. 

The box has magnetic closure on the flap, so there's no ripping or unnecessary cutting involved when opening the box. Really nice touch. 
When you open the box, you see the earphones in the smaller box on top, and all the other stuff in the bigger box on the bottom. 

So the bigger box includes a leather case that matches your earphones, 4 pairs of different sized ear buds / sleeves / whatever you call them (including the one that's already on the earphones, you get 5 pairs altogether), a clip for your earphones, guarantee certificate, and manuals - all nicely and neatly packed in the box. 

But obviously the star of the show are the earphones themselves.. 

  They're beautiful. 

They come in 4 different colours but I went for the white because they're the prettiest to me, and I like how the Rose Gold complements the white perfectly. 
Looks so classy and elegant. Also notice that the wires are flat. Flat wires = no tangles. Smart moveeee, Sudio. 

Now that we've covered how beautiful and aesthetically pleasing they are to the eyes, I'll move on the the important bit : sound quality. Note again that, the earphones I used before this were the standard Apple EarPods, so if you're looking for a professional comparison of these earphones to the likes of Beats or Bose.. then you can totally skip this part haha. 

Personally, I think these VASA earphones sound amazing. Every song and detail sounds so much clearer, and even at a low volume, it's still relatively louder than the EarPods at the same volume. The thing about these earphones are that you need to make sure you put it in your ears right, or else they don't sound as good. Good for us, that it comes with different sized ear bud sleeves, so you can use the pair that best fits your ears. Because they are in-ear earphones, they cancel out noise really well. They don't cancel noise out completely though, but I can tell you that even in a fairly loud surrounding, these earphones do a good job at keeping you in your own world with your music. 

Although the sound quality is good, to me it would have been the cherry on top if the bass was deeper. A lot of the songs I listen to have very strong beats, so the deeper the thumping bass sounds, the more I enjoy it. But not everyone is like me, so I understand why the VASA earphones have a natural bass, it's a lot more universal. 

The three-button remote + mic that is attached to the right side of the earphone works great too. I'm so happy that these earphones come with a mic because that means I don't have to yank them off to answer a phone call, and I can easily use them while I Skype too. I did a sound test by asking my brother to use the earphones while calling me, on the receiving end of the phone call my brother's voice sounded crisp and clear, so I can tell that the mic is exceptional. Also did a test the other way around, this time I use the earphones and listen to my brother calling me through a phone. And as expected, I could hear him clearly through the earphones. The buttons on the remote are tactile, and the remote itself is very light, so it doesn't weigh down the earphones. 

Nothing much to say about the accessories that came with it, except that switching the ear bud sleeves can be a little bit of a challenge ! It was such a pain to put on a different pair of ear bud sleeves while I was trying to find the size that fit my ears best. It took me a while to figure it out, but in the end I learned that the trick is just to have a steady hand and work it in from the side. 

Overall, I love these VASA earphones, and I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for better sounding earphones that don't cost a bomb. They sound amazing, and look equally as amazing too. Sits comfortably in my ears, and they don't fall off too ! It's good enough that these earphones don't tangle, but they threw in a matching leather pouch too, and it doesn't get any better than that. These earphones retail for RM 320, quite pricey but still very reasonable for everything you're going to get. 

Sudio carries a few different types of earphones, but I chose this one over their wireless ones due to practicality reasons. I wear the headscarf, so it's difficult to be putting them on and taking them off hahaha. But you should totally check the rest out in case you might be interested in the others that I didn't review. 

They provide free shipping worldwide, (Malaysia included !) and on top of that you can get 15% off storewide during checkout by using the code : 


But wait.. that's not it. Sudio and I are doing a giveaway too ! YES, you read that right. I'm so excited because this is my first time ever doing a giveaway, and hopefully the first of many. I've been writing publicly on this blog for a little over two years now, and I honestly wouldn't be getting awesome collaborations like this one if it weren't for the support from all of you. I can't thank you guys enough for reading what I write (even if it's about the most boring things haha), for always having the kindest things to say, and simply for interacting with me on my blog & being there for me. 
Y'all are the best. 

To enter this giveaway and win yourself a pair of Sudio VASA earphones, simply follow these instructions and I will contact the winner personally. 

NOTE : Giveaway is open to Malaysian / Singaporean residents only !

In the comment section below, answer these two questions : 

1. How many colours does the VASA earphones come in and what are those colours ? 

2. Which blog post of mine is your favourite and why ? (Include the link of the post)

Also in the same comment, provide me with these details so I can contact you if you're the winner !

Name : 

Email Address : 

What colour of VASA earphones you would like : 

IOS or Android : 

This giveaway ends on the 30th of October (last day for you to leave a comment), and I will contact the winner on the 31st of October
If the winner doesn't reply my email within 24 hours, I'll pick the next lucky winner. 

That's it ! Simple enough, right ? For more info about Sudio, don't forget to check out their website !

Thanks for reading ! I love you guys.  x 


  1. 1) 4 colours. Blue,pink, rose gold black and rose gold white.
    2) ramadan diaries. Because through the post i can see that u enjoy ramadan so much. You have a really good time with your family,friends and of course with your boyfriend. I bet you enjoy to spend some quality time with your loved ones. And of course ramadan is a holy month for all of us.
    Nur Afiqah binti Mohd Khir
    Rose gold black
    Android user.

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  3. Answer question 1: 4 colours, black rose gold, white rose gold, pink, blue.

    Answer question 2 : The link This post inspired my girlfriend who's my soulmate to take a drastic change in her life from a freegirl hair to the most gorgeous hijabis i ever laid my eyes on. I really can't thank you enough, who knows by a one single blog post that could change her perception and perspective in life?After reading your post, she's inspired to transform herself, and when she did, that's the happiest sight of her that i have ever seen. She told me everything and ever since that i become a silent reader of your blog. She really looks up to you as a motivation and inspiration to perform better, and i really wanna say thanks you for inspiring my girlfriend to find her true-self. I really wanna win this for her for our upcoming 2nd anniversary 😂 and also to have something from you to remind her source of inspiration.

    Name : Muhammad Iszazul Qayyum Bin Iskandar

    Email Address :

    What colour of VASA earphones you would like : black rose gold

    IOS or Android : Android

  4. 1. 4 colors : blue, pink, rose gold white, rose gold black

    2. When you love, you commit.
    I honestly lovee reading all your blog posts because youre so inspiring, ambitious, hardworking & such even at a very young age ! And that's always make me to follow your every blog post to see what you've been up to everyday. Tbh I always see you as mini vivy hahahah. So before i sidetracked, the title of the blog post, when you love, you commit that you'd written back in march this year had caught my eyes, captured my heart. I even bookmarked it. I love that post so so much because you put so much thought in it, and you changed my perspectives on how im not fully-commited these days, how ungrateful i am to my Creator who had given me so much blessings in my life. You wrote about a commitment that many of us always neglected as we were blinded by hiburan dunia. A commitment that if we fully commited to it, Allah will grants us more blessings and we will be among the most lucky people as he promised in the Quran. Simple, by just obeying His orders. A commitment that we always failed to look up to because we didnt have that powerful surge of longing for His helps, His blessings and His guidance, which are pretty depressing when i reflected myself back. Reading your honest and humble thoughts on how u prone to slacking bcs its a human nature, how u want to improve yourself to be a better muslim really really inspiring me and put me at thoughts ! This actually had changed my perspectives on everything, and honestly after reading it I become more motivated to be a fully commited Muslims. And still, until today, im improving myself to be someone better. Thanks to you too, Izza. Please blog more posts about faith, because i like the way you express your thoughts and opinions in it. May Allah bless you :)

    Anis Tasnim Mohd Fuad
    White rose gold

  5. Hey Izzah! Here's my entry for the giveaway, bismillah :-)

    1)It comes in four colours - rose gold (white), rose gold (black), pink & blue.

    2) Gosh its a tough choice because you've written too many favourite-worthy posts hehe, but I'd say that the first post I've read from your blog would be hands down my favourite post. That post would be "Headscarf - Hijab - Tudung" ( simply because you basically wrote down my exact thoughts on this subject. You penned down my struggles and personal opinions so accurately, I was like "This girl can totally read my mind!". This post was so impactful I had to share it on my blog ( to spread the message and share some positive vibes. I've been hooked to your blog since then because I feel like there is always something I can relate to in every piece of your writing. I think many would agree with me that your faith-related posts touches our hearts best and for that I thank you. For reminding me about Allah swt. For inspiring me to be a better muslimah & person as a whole. For portraying Islam beautifully amidst the negative media coverage worldwide. May He continue to bless you with the eloquence & wittiness in writing posts that will inspire many! Much love from SG x

    Syafiqah J.
    Rose Gold (White)
    Android User

  6. Yeayy for giveaway haha actually from starting I fell in love with this earphones but when I look up the price it seems a bit pricey for me but now I hope that I can win this giveaway :)

    1) They comes in 4 colors which are Rose Gold Black, Rose Gold White, Blue & Pink.

    2) This is the hardest question because I love every posts but if I'd to choose one, I will choose the Current Skincare Routine because I simply love reading/watching skincare routine. I love to know your skincare products and I love the way that you explained your skincare routine. So neat and details. Thank you for that, Izza :) (here is the link )

    Name : Nur 'Azyyati Binti Elias

    Email Address :

    What colour of VASA earphones you would like : Rose Gold Black :)

    IOS or Android : IOS

  7. 1st answer:
    Blue, pink, rose gold black and rose gold white

    2nd answer:
    hi, actually im really looking forward to your blog tbh because somehow i feel so inspired and encouraged in so many way. so my one of very favourite post of yours is
    the reason why is it simply because its reminds me of my bffs. i would love no more to spend more time with them to keep update on each other of what we have been doing recently...they are all at different stages of their lives now (no we are still young okay, izza! hee), different courses, went to different unis, have different friends who the rest have never met, very far apart, but it’s so interesting how we are all still so united and somehow we still met at some point! way so much lovesss for them actually. and its so crazy the fact that we came such a long way from when we were young and skinny+naive girls in highschool. ahhh all the memoriesss you know so priceless and meaningfull! Feels so familiar and it was as if we were going to school again tomorrow or something. made me realise (and cried too) how fast time flies and no matter where you go in life, some things from the past should always be taken with you on your journey. In hopes that it will keep you grounded and remind you of your good memories growing up while making new memories together.
    haha soooo yeaaa.
    bye pretty izza

    rose gold black
    ios user


  8. 1. 4 colours! Rose Gold Black, Rose Gold White, Blue and Pink
    2. I did try my best to pick only one…..but… I can’t…. Because I have 3 favourites! (Those belt tho!!!!!)

    These 3 posts of yours really inspired me in fashion. Believe me or not, whenever I want to shop or buy any clothes or even don’t know what to wear on that day. I ALWAYS go to your blog post probably the most are from your Instagram and screenshot one or two (six) of your styles that I like! All of this because we both have the same preference!! \\ earthy colour, nature, white, black, black and black haha and that is why it is easy for me decide on what to buy/wear XD So yeah, keep on blogging and stay fab Izza <3

    Name: Katrina Hamid Yusof
    Email Address:
    Colour: Rose Gold White
    IOS/Android: IOS

  9. 1. 4 colours: rose gold black, rose gold white, blue and pink

    2. if i had to choose only one, it'd be 'jealousy'. ( it's a very short yet meaningful post because truthfully, i face the same self-issue of being envious about others and their 'cooler' lives. not saying that mine is that bad but it's just like what you said, 'some have it so easy'. i know, it's bad and unhealthy and i hate feeling this way. 'jealousy' is a post that is very close and personal to me because i feel what you feel as you write it. i always remind myself to be grateful of what i have now and not compare my life and what i already have with others. this is to an extent i keep it as a resolution which i am to achieve continuously on a daily basis - be happy and thankful with everything because there are those who don't even get to get to feel what happiness is. it's not easy with the existence of social media where people post everything there but i guess we just gotta remind ourselves that people only post what they want others to see about their lives :) which is the happy part. so yea, 'jealousy' speaks a lot to me and thank you for this particular post which in a way reminds me to be more thankful of what i have now. our lives are just as good as others or perhaps, may even be so so much better than anyone else's. just trying my luck after being a silent reader for quite some time. have a good day, izza!

    Shahira Zainul

  10. 1. They come in 4 colours : rose gold white, rose gold black, pink and blue

    2. I absolute love all of your post because i peruse each and every one of it. But i would choose my favourite as it reflects back to me which is; First to leave ( As girls, best friends is something that we need.They are sometimes the sister that we dont have, or the mother that we often need. Obviously i love my best friends regardless from which clique but what reflects back to me the most about this post is that it reminded me of how most of my best friends tend to leave but we never stayed out of touch. Somehow it makes the bond stronger. Best friends need to have distance at some point for each of them to understand what they want and need independently so that if one day things get too difficult, we always have them to come back to. It helps us spread our invisible wings and succeed in our respective field while always knowing there are people besides your family who will support and love you no matter how hard life comes at you. What's special about this post is that it lifted my spirits when i missed my best friends who faraway across the world. So thank you Izza. You have amazing friends and made me realise i do too :) (This is very emotional to write about ahahahah)

    Name : Farah Amalina Bt Mohd Ariff

    Email Address :

    What colour of VASA earphones you would like : rose gold white

    IOS or Android : IOS

  11. 1) 4 beautiful colours: VASA rose gold black, VASA rose gold white, VASA blue and VASA pink!

    2) My favourite would be your post about Twins of Faith ( I have been dreaming to go to TOF because of their great speakers and contents but due to financial issues and time management, I couldn't. Luckily, a person (which is YOU!) was care to share her experience there (THANK YOU!!!) and your reflections about the Hereafter made me to reflect myself too. Especially about Jannah. And what made me more in love with that post is the new sirah that I got about a Companion named Sa'ad bin Muaz that I never heard & know before and quickly Google him after reading your post. I gained new sirah, new insights from this particular post that's why it is my favourite. I also gained beauty tips from other posts so thank you for your sharing, love <3

    Name : Shila Adnan

    Email Address : assila97[at]gmail[dot]com (please use the proper symbols.. I'm sorry, have to do this to avoid spambots!)

    What colour of VASA earphones you would like : VASA rose gold white <3 <3 <3 *heart eyes*

    IOS or Android : Android!

  12. Assalamualaikum. Sorry for this off topic message. Since last week, everybody is looking for your best friend by the name Anis Nur Deanna for her crime scamming people all over Malaysia through he fake online shop. Please help us to convey this message to her.

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    As an ex-student under MARA, I fully aware what will happen if this matter reached the Dean of UNIKL-MIMET, Prof. Zainorin Mohamad. Perhaps we could approach the President of Student Representative Affair Committee first, IR Shahradhi Libiki Iskandar Ridhuan (HP: 013-8007300 or email

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    Anyway, sooner or later all the UNIKL-MIMET resident will know because this matter already went viral since yesterday.

    1. Uhh, best friend by the name of Anis Nur Deanna ? I don't even know anybody by that name..

  13. Done follow, I'm looking for cbox, but I couldn't fine it

  14. Izza where are you

  15. Hi izza! I recently just lost my earpods and I'm considering buying a new one but I'm not sure if I should buy Sudio's or go back to Apple Earpods :( Do you think Sudio is worth the money to spend extra on? :)

    1. Hii ! Personally I think Sudio is worth the money because the sound quality compared to the EarPods is so different ! BUT, with the Sudio you can't really be rough with it / throw it around as much because you might damage the earphones. If you're someone who really cares about the sound quality and don't mind spending a bit more $$$, then go for Sudio. But for versatility (you can throw it around without worrying so much, sound quality is also quite good), Apple is probably the safest and best bet :)