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Hi guys ! If you follow my Instagram account, then you've definitely seen me post a couple times about an event that's happening tomorrow (1st of October 2016) at the 
Royal Selangor Polo Club in support of turtle conservation from 1PM - 7PM. Entrance is totally free and open to public ! 

Being someone who is very much fascinated about animals and marine life, it pains me to know that nearly all species of sea turtles are endangered and if we don't do something about it, extinction of sea turtles might come sooner than we think. Sea turtles have been around for over 100 million years (yeah, they were there when Dinosaurs were still around), and they can live up to 152 years old so it's such a shame that these beautiful creatures don't even get to live half of their lives, due to humans capturing them for eggs, meat, leather, and shells. The core problem of turtle species decreasing is human exploitation. A lot of turtles die because they get caught in fishing gear, coastal developments, and ocean pollution in general. But egg poaching, specifically, prevents entire generations of turtles from making it to the sea and that's the saddest bit. Extinction of turtles could disrupt our eco system because a loss of species will erode the diversity of life on earth - making it unbalanced, and a loss of diversity can make all life vulnerable - including ours.  

Lang Tengah Turtle Watch (LTTW) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that aims to save these turtles from extinction, specifically in Dungun (mainland), and Lang Tengah island that sits between Perhentian and Redang islands in Terengganu. Lang Tengah is less commercialised in comparison to Redang and Perhentian, but the island still has 3 resorts and LTTW has their own bay on the island as well. 15 years ago, the region was considered a prolific breeding ground for 4 types of turtle, but today only 2 types remain. This project started 3 years ago, and volunteers come from all over the world to protect, patrol, and when needed - relocate the nesting grounds of turtles. The minimum age to volunteer is 17, and LTTW accepts volunteers from March to October. You can get to know LTTW better and it's conservation efforts tomorrow at the event while engaging with LTTW's staff, interns, and past volunteers. 

For more information about Lang Tengah Turtle Watch you can : 

Visit their website 


Their Facebook Page here 

My best friend Natasha (I call her Sha), had the opportunity to intern with them, and even through her Instagram updates I could see how much of a difference LTTW is making, and how fun and eye opening it is to be part of such a beautiful journey to save these creatures from extinction. Sha is probably the most passionate person I know when it comes to the environment and living things, I respect her so much not only because of the person that she is (and the fact that she's also my best friend hahah) but also because of her efforts that she puts in to make this Earth a better place. She cares about environmental issues that a lot of people just choose to ignore, and if it's anyone I know who can make a difference - it's her. You guys should really read her blog because she shares her experience with LTTW : 

Also, watch Sha's video : 

And to make you even more jealous, view her photoblog


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