Sunday, 11 September 2016


09 . 09 . 16  //  20th 

Still can't quite grasp that I'm actually 20 years old now. 

T w e n t y ! 

I've always thought that maturity comes with age, and that everyone should have their life figured out, or at least just be sure of what they want for the the future by the time they reach the big two zero. But the truth is a far cry from that. Lol ! If anything, I feel like this is when life gets harder & more confusing as you transition from a teenager to a young adult.. It's scary but exciting to think that in a few years, I'd already have a Bachelor's degree, and then I'd have a real job, and then probably get married, and start a family.... Geez turning 20 is making me think about the future too much. Whatever it is, now that I'm 20, I need to step it up a notch and take life a little bit (or maybe a lot) more seriously than I used to. 
Turning 20 isn't life-changing, it just feels like a fresh start. 

So half an hour before the clock struck midnight, I was just chilling in my room, watching YouTube videos to kill time because I had a face mask on and I needed to wait 20 minutes before peeling it off. The older I get, the less I care about who remembers to wish me at midnight, or who even remembers my birthday in general, so I had zero expectations of anything happening that night except for a phone call from Irfan. I was wrong. 

It wasn't even midnight..  and I heard someone knock on my door. Thought it was my brother and he wanted to wish me early, so I was too lazy to open the door and shouted "Yes ? Come in !".. but the door didn't open, instead kept knocking. Got up from my chair  said "Ughhh I have a face mask on, just open the door", I opened the door, and there stood Jiha and Jane holding a box of nuggets and a burger with two candles on them singing happy birthday hahahaha. 

Note : This wasn't midnight. I had a face mask on + a headband with cat ears to pull my hair away from my face + I was in my sleeping kaftan

They couldn't have chosen a better time to surprise me !!!

WARNING. This pic might give you nightmares : 

I was half laughing half "Omg why do you guys do this to me, I have a face mask on" until they finished singing, and I blew the candles out. We were laughing so hard, and Jane caught all of it on video ! I didn't want to take my mask off yet because I had JUST put it on a few minutes before they came, so I left it on until it was time to take if off hahah. We hung out and ate in my room, caught up with each other and watched YouTube videos. They were the first ones to wish me on midnight since they were there with me hahaha. Jane and Jiha have done this to me thrice already, but only this time they came before midnight. Jiha had an exam paper the next morning, and Jane started classes already for degree, but they still came to my house that night to surprise me. I swear, they're the sweetest and aghh I wanna cry happy tears !!

September babies. 9 // 27 // 24. 

The morning of my birthday, I woke up later than I had planned. My orientation for degree was going to start at 9AM, and I woke up at 8.45, so you could imagine how rushed and stressed I was that morning. I drove to campus, got stuck in a jam, and while I was at a traffic light 2 minutes away from reaching, my friend called me and said : 

"Izza, orientation postponed !"

........ Are you freaking kidding me. 

SIGH. I was already cursing my luck that day but I decided to just go to campus and settle some stuff anyway. Met my mentor, got my new student ID, and then I drove back home. I was actually kind of happy that I wasn't going to be stuck on campus for orientation until 5PM on my birthday, I was just mad that I had to rush and then got stuck in the jam for nothing.
I stayed home the whole afternoon, had pizza and then took a short nap before going out for dinner later that evening with my family and Irfan. 

We met Irfan there, and had dinner at Serai in Paradigm. I loveee Serai's pavlova, main reason why I chose that place over other restaurants haha. 

Most important people in my life

Zicky disappeared and said he needed to use the toilet at one point, and he took forever, that we all assumed he had a tummy ache or something. But then he came back with this..

SNEAKY LITTLE BROTHER OF MINE. No wonder he took so long ! I was incredibly touched by the gesture. I mean he's 17, and I know spending money on your sister isn't the greatest pleasure, but he did, and what he got was thoughtful too. I always complain that my body sprays are running out, so he got me a new one. He was smart at picking a scent I would like too ! Sometimes I wonder why we're even siblings because we disagree on a lot of things, but truth is, I wouldn't trade him for the world. He's the only sibling I have (that isn't 'half' or 'step'), and I know we'll always have each others' backs. 

"When your sister is in a happy relationship and you're forever alone"  

Checking out... cakes. 


This picture is just a glimpse of how happy he makes me.  

Didn't know it was possible to be this in love with somebody until he came into my life, and now I can't imagine a future without him. I'm the luckiest :)

K, time to be an adult now. 'Til the next post !


  1. This post made me go 'aww' so many times GAH! Bless you Izza!! Hope you had a wonderful 20th birthday :) xx

  2. Happy birthday Izza ! You're such an inspiration to me on how you juggle life. Hope you & irfan last long till babies and grandchildrens, haha then i could say I was there since the beginning. <3

    1. Thank you so much ! That means a lot to me. Hahaha aww, I really hope so too. Have a good week ahead <3

  3. Happiest belated birthday to you izza x God bless you always 🌹

    1. Thank you so much Azwani !! May Allah bless you xx

  4. Happy birthday izza!! The picture that you laugh with irfan iss soooo ����. Please get married cepat2! & selamat hari raya haji

    1. Thank you so much Fifi ! Hahaha insyaAllah we will one day. Have a lovely week ahead <3