Saturday, 23 July 2016

Good Times

Hii ! Hope it's not too late to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin ! Haha better late than never, right ? It's been weeks since my last blog update, and since then I've just been spending a lottttt of time with family, Irfan, friends, my cats and just doing things that I like. I'm a lot freer now that I'm not working on weekends like I normally would, but I started my 7th (& last !) semester last week, and so far it's been okay. 

I just got back from Tania's place a few hours ago, Mars, Mel, Syaza, Aina, and I slept over last night for fun. Every year we (Super Dupers / SuDu = our group reference since 2009 lol) have a sleepover together, where we just eat and hang out and sleep really late. I was out watching Finding Dory (loved it) with Irfan, and then I drove to Groupbase after that to meet my friends. We had dinner there before going back to Tania's. Lots of laughs + sugary junk food and all of us fell asleep around 2AM hahaha. Such a wild night, guys. I'm usually the first to fall asleep at every single freaking sleepover, but not this time !! We woke up 2 hours later to send Syaza off at KL Sentral, went back home and continued our sleep haha. I'm surprised we all managed to get up again like 4 hours after that to have breakfast at Ravi's. Feeling soooo sleep deprived now, I can't wait to sleep early later. 

16 / 07 / 2016

Last weekend was a lot of fun too, on Saturday (16th), I had SuDu come over my place to just makan and chill. I contemplated on doing a more raya-esque makan makan but decided not to haha. Surprisingly we didn't take any pictures together (even at the sleepover last night, we didn't !), just a lot of Snaps on Snapchat and even those disappear after 24 hours haha. We were definitely caught up in the moment, and taking pictures wasn't a priority. I love love loved having them over, and I wish my house wasn't so far away from them ! I could definitely do more of these. 

17 / 07 / 2016

The next day, Irfan came to pick me up from home and we went to his youngest sister's birthday party together. It was a bowling party, and mind you, I am horrible at it ! Hahaha. But that didn't stop me from playing, of course. Me, Irfan, his sisters Kak Imani and Athira, and Kak Aimi played at the same lane. It was too much fun, and every time I ungracefully roll my bowling bowl and it goes in the longkang at the sides, we just laugh cause it's so funny and entertaining, even for me hahaha. Sometimes I'd get lucky and hit a few pins, or more than 5 pins, but this one time, I was really, really lucky and got a strike ! Hahaha. I suck really bad that Irfan's dad played for me a couple of times just to help me get more points. Whenever I do hit a few pins myself, everyone cheers me on. So imagine when I got a strike ?? Everyone went nuts hahaha. KLGCC's mee goreng is so good, I probably had like 3 rounds of that the whole time I was there, and the rest I just shared food with Irfan. After the party, we went back home to send the cake, pray, and then had assam laksa before Irfan sent me back home. 

One with the birthday girl 

Her Zoella themed cake was sooo cute 

Finally got to see Kak Imani after so so long !! Last time I saw her was at the airport
before she flew off to Oxford.. and that was last year. 

I got last the first round ! Irfan got first.. I swear that boy is good at EVERYTHING. 

I got third the second round !!!! Look at that strike in the second column. 

Played with Irfan's baby brother, Ihsan and his cousin Maira. 

On the 14th, I went to Mars' for her Raya open house. I'm so happy that my group of best friends, and Irfan's group of best friends merge with each other. It's such a small world, and it's just really nice to have your boyfriend be friends with your best friends, and his best friends are friends with your best friends, and at social events like that, we all just gel, y'know ? 

Really like the print on this baju kurung 

I call this the "When are you gonna put a ring on this finger" pose
(I wasn't actually asking that btw hahahaha)

I feel like all of these photos are such crappy quality .. my camera lens is still broken and I'm still so upset about it. But its ok ! I'll just work with what I have (my phone) for now. Didn't want this post to be super long, so I'll make another post after this one to fill with photos from my first few days of Raya. x


  1. I love that print too for your baju kurung. And do you mind to share your braces experience in one post? Like where you did your braces, how much and etc. I would love to know the details because I'm now in the middle of considering doing braces too. I did some research for the braces btw.

    1. Thanks for reading ! I'll consider doing a post on that, but for now, I'll let you know where and how much first :) Did mine at City Dental in Subang Perdana for RM4500. They have a branch in Kota Damansara too. Braces are going to be worth it in the long run, it's worth the investment !

  2. hi izza, i always wonder... how you and irfan meet. like the first time you guys are introduced... i know this may be personal and you would want to keep it yourself to preserve the specialness but i love seeing you guys together :)

    1. Hii ! Hahaha how we met was quite funny. My cousin Hannah thought it was a good idea to give my number to her senior (Irfan) who wanted to get to know me. And the first time we introduced each other was literally on WhatsApp ! At first I was like 'Ya Allah siapa pulak ni', but within a week or two, we liked each other so much already that we became boyfriend/girlfriend a month++ later hahaha. No chill. So sweet that you love seeing us together, thank you !! Really hope we end up together in the long run haha. x

  3. irfan looks like mariam a bit!! hahaha im sorry but i took soo long to figure out who he resembles XD just got it when i saw vivy's latest post on her ig :D

    1. Right after I read your comment, I went to Vivy's pic on my phone and compared it to a pic of Irfan. I couldn't stop laughing for like 2 mins hahahahahaha. I see the resemblance and now I can't look at Mariam without thinking that she looks like my boyfriend ! So funny omg