Monday, 4 July 2016


Probably one of my favourite dates with Irfan so far. 

We started off by going to a Sikh Temple in Kampung Baru. It was for his World Religion subject, and his assignment required him to do a bit of research and actually visit their place of worship to see everything firsthand. So we went to the temple, was kind of scared to go in, but as soon as we met the person in charge in the temple's office, the worries went away. He was really friendly and he even had someone give us a tour of the temple. I know very little about Sikhism, in comparison to how much I know about Christianity or Hinduism, so the visit there was super interesting to me. They have quite a few similarities to Islam, like for example ; we muslims have to take ablution (wudu') before praying, they also have to wash their hands and feet before praying too. Even their place to wash their hands and feet looked almost identical to the wudu' areas you would see in a mosque or surau. Another similarity is that men and women are seperated in the praying area.  The tour was super short but Irfan and I managed to take note and observe everything that would be enough for his assignment. I'm not going to include any photos of the temple out of respect for their place of worship but you can just google 'Tatt Khalsa Diwan' if you're curious haha. 

Favourite subject to take photos of 

Irfan wanted to try Mr. Dakgalbi too, so we went to Publika, and had about an hour and a half to kill before buka, so decided to walk around. Publika doesn't have that many shops, and it's usually just a place people go to eat or hang out and chill so it's pretty boring, but Irfan and I had a great time jumping from shop to shop, and just talking about anything + everything. Having the right best company makes alllllll the difference, really. 

We managed to finish almost all of it ! 

Told Irfan to surprise me when he ordered us drinks, and he chose this fluffy babycinno for me hahaha. He couldn't have chosen anything better, that drink came with marshmallows !! 

2+ years and still discovering new things to love about each other  


  1. izza i know this is so random but where did u buy olivia?and how much did u buy it?bc im thinking of getting a new camera but i maybe a used one since i want to jimat he he.

    1. I bought mine from this seller I found on Mudah. I can't remember how much I got it for.. but definitely a lot cheaper than market price. Try looking for it online.