Friday, 24 June 2016

Ramadan Diaries

I'm done with my sixth semester ! Exams ended for me last Friday, which means I'm only a short semester away to finally ending my diploma. It's surreal how fast time is flying by. 
One minute I'm complaining about how dreadful and long my diploma course was going to be.. and now I have less than a few months left. 
I'm so happy that it's coming to an end, really. But the fact that I don't have a plan for what's next, scares me. 

Do I want to continue studying in my current uni ? 
Do I want to enrol into a different uni ? 
Should I enrol into a different uni ? 
Private or Public ? 
Overseas ? But $$$ ? 
Am I eligible for scholarships ? 
Do scholarship-givers even want to fund someone like me ?
Why the heck is education so expensive ?  
Do I even have a future ??? 

- 1001 Questions That Go Through Izza's Head, The University Edition

On to the main reason why I wanted to blog - to document my recent happenings. One of the best parts about Ramadan is definitely when I get to buka puasa with my loved ones. 
I truly think that the people I have in my life are one of my biggest blessings. 

14th June / Saturday

Snapchat pic quality is not the greatest haha. 

We did this exact same thing last year - went to two different bazaars (Bangsar and Taman Tun's), and then have a picnic buka at the pondok by the poolside at Sha's place. Except instead of 10 of us, only 6 (me, Mel, Aina, Sha, Farah, Mars) could make it this time around. It really doesn't take much for us to have a good time, we could just be sitting in someone's bedroom, talking, or in this case, sitting down on the floor, eating, and we'd still have the best time together. I swear, it's so easy to be happy around them. After buka, we quickly prayed Maghrib and then Mars, Aina, Sha, and I went to the mosque for terawih. Friends who pray together, stay together ! 

The night didn't end there, Sha and Mars wanted butter chicken from Maistreet, so the 7 of us (Syaza included now) made our way there, sat down and fit ourselves around one square table, talked about this and that, laughed til our tummies hurt, all while munching on popcorn chicken and wontons with cheese dip. Midnight came, and everyone headed home. Had such a good time with them, I was sad that the day had to come to an end haha. 

19th June / Sunday

Sunday afternoon was spent helping Irfan complete his Spanish assignment at the library. 
Okay, honestly I wasn't much help at all hahaha it was all him while I looked up facts about the celebrities he had to describe - one of which was BeyoncĂ©. 

The library was supposed to close at 5PM, but at 4.20something, they switched the air-cons and lights off, basically asking us to get up and leave, so Irfan and I went back and did the rest of it at home in the dining room. I think we managed to finish up like 80% of the assignment before we realised that it was 6 already, and we needed to pray and get ready to leave for buka. Irfan drove us (his family and I) to One World, and we got there just in time for buka. One World has such a wide variety of food for their buka buffet, I didn't know where to start haha. But I settled for fruits first, and then took heavier food after we came back from praying Maghrib. Highlight of the entire buffet for me was that they had waffles. Freshly. Made. Waffles. With salted caramel sauce !! Of course I needed ice-cream to go with it, so I scooped myself some vanilla ice cream, went over to the chocolate fondue fountain, and drizzled chocolate over my ice-cream + waffle. I wasn't expecting much, but the waffle was really good, guys. 

Gonna grow up to look very handsome like his big brother someday

20th June / Monday 

I wasn't too sad about going back the night before, because Irfan and I planned to see each other again the next day to continue finishing up his assignment. 
Buka together again, but just the two of us this time.

Going back that night however, I was sad. Irfan left for London with his family on Wednesday and now I just talk to him whenever he's free. One thing I like about the different time zones is that he wakes me up for sahur this time instead of the other way around haha. I usually wake up for sahur like half an hour after he's done breaking his fast there so yeah, I get to talk to him after I finish sahur. 

22nd June / Wednesday 

Went out to get mama's car fixed at the workshop, and then got a few things from Pavilion. One of them being these amaaazing looking cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes : 

They taste good too !

And then we went to Stussy and Showroom behind Times Square because Zicky wanted to get his raya shoes there. 

23rd June / Thursday 

Impromptu buka puasa with Jiha, Jane, Acap and Nabel ! Whenever we plan like a week or two weeks in advance, it never happens but if it's like 'hey let's go to the bazaar tomorrow and buka puasa together', suddenly everyone's free hahaha. The 5 of us would only hang out like twice a year together, because it's so hard to find a time where everyone's free. But when we do, it's like nothing's changed. We sat together in class for 2 years, and you'd think we'd all grow apart after school ends, but nope. It's so nice to just sit down, eat, and laugh at each other like we used to haha. I don't miss anything about my 2 years in SMKBJ, except for them ! 

Oh I also tried llao llao (pronounced 'yao yao' lol) with the gang yesterday. The yogurt, tasted like normal froyo but so much creamier in comparison to Tutti Frutti's. They also had better toppings ! But all of us just settled for the smallest cup and added one sauce topping. It was only around 6 ringgit and you actually get a lot. Jane and I got the Lotus Caramel sauce, and it tastes exactly like the Speculoos Cookie Butter that I love eating with bread so much !! Go try llao llao if you haven't. 

 Ya Allah, You have blessed me with the most amazing people in my life. 
I'm so, so, so grateful. Alhamdulillah. 

Hope everyone's Ramadan is going well ! x 


  1. Hi Izza! Just wondering, if we're from a private uni we can't apply for UPU to go to public uni's right? Because that's what i've been told and all. Unlike UIA that's a different story so yeah ahah. Lovely blog post as always! :) xx

    1. Hii ! I'm not 100% sure, but I heard we can, we just have to buy the UPU thingy like everyone else and apply through there. It's just that the chances of us actually getting in is a lot slimmer because we're from a private institution. UIA and UM pun have to apply through UPU ! Oh and we masuk lambat because the intakes are all so different. Thank you so much for reading !! xx

  2. Izzaaa which library did you go to? And why does Irfan have to learn Spanish? Is he planning to study in Spain

    1. The one on Jalan Beringin in Bukit Damansara ! Oh no he's not going to Spain hahah. It's part of his course for ADP, if all goes well he'll be studying in the US.

  3. I can totally relate to your worries abt education. I'm in junior college now and taking Alevels at the end of the year, cant wait to get it over and done with!! But I have no clue on which uni/course to head to after As (I do have some choices in mind but still unsure of what I rly wanna do). Its pretty hard to get into a local uni in SG and overseas uni isn't an option unless I get a scholarship haha. hopefully the both of us will be able to figure something out soon insyaAllah, all the best x

    1. Ahh it's comforting to know I'm not alone going through this. Yess, I pray we're able to make the right choices and that our education journey is smooth til the end ! Thank you so much, all the best to you too ! xx

  4. I think you and your friends are so pretty and honestly so nice like Tania & Marissa, so nice. Not like other mean popular girls i know. Wish it was possible for me to be friends with all of you hahaha. Hope you're having a good ramadan xx

    1. So nice of you to say that, thank you ! Haha my friends and I are just normal people, really. And I think our friendship is what keeps us grounded. Anyone can be our friend la, we love making friends !! Alhamdulillah so far so good, hope you're having a good ramadan too ! xx

  5. Hai Izza !

    May I know where did you get your pants in that picture of you and your bf together (the day you buka with his fam tu) ? also, which store do you like the most when buying for pants / jeans ?

    Thanks !

    1. Hi ! That one is from ZARA. I swear by Topshop's jeans, they're pricey but they fit me the best. H&M is okay but I find that the darker ones fade after a month or two and they don't maintain it's shape so they end up becoming loose on me. Uniqlo is good too !