Saturday, 16 April 2016

Strength of the Wolf is the Pack

If you haven't watched The Jungle Book, you should ! I watched it with Irfan last Saturday, and I loved it. A lot of the animals in the movie reminded me of my cats. Plus, I have this growing fascination for wildlife / marine life in general.. so you get the point. We had hot chocolate after the movie and Irfan had to listen to me go on about blue whales and why I want to see one. But if I can't get that then maybe the killer whales at SeaWorld will have to do. After spending time with Irfan, I went over to Aina's and spent a bit of girl time with Mars, and Tania. We went to Syaza's after maghrib for a small makan makan, and I had such a lovely time with everyone. Food was good, and it was just so, so nice to be around my best friends.

Last Saturday was super fun and all, but today is the complete opposite. I had an Employment Law test to sit for this morning, and I was half an hour late because of the stupid jam so that left me with only 45 mins to answer a freaking law paper. But I managed to finish it anyway, albeit with very ugly, squiggly, omg-I-don't-have-enough-time handwriting. The rest of the day was spent at home ; doing an assignment that I could have chosen to do a month ago (but procrastinated, obviously). It's due on Wednesday so I'm not that last minute, but goodnessssss life would be easier if I did this earlier. I'm still far from being done, but I felt like throwing up just looking at my Word document already so I made an excuse to blog. I realise how sucky I am at updating my blog these days. And Instagram (can you believe that the last time I posted anything on Instagram was over a month ago ? ... what). 
Slowly getting detached to social media but its not a bad thing either. I don't think I'll ever stop blogging though. 

Hannah came over my place to visit me last Tuesday and we just hung out in my room with my cat Butter, and then went out for ice-cream after. Gonna miss her so much when she flies off this September ! She's all grown up now :') Speaking of flying off, a couple of my best friends are going to be flying off, and then later Irfan is going to fly off (I die a little inside every time I think about this), and then next thing you know, I'll be here, alone.. Very dramatic but yeah. Chances of me ever flying abroad to continue my studies is : 0. Zilch. Nada. 
I get a breakdown whenever I think about how expensive education is. Hah. 

Whatever it is, I am excited for May. Because : 

1. Two wonderful years with Irfan ♥♥

2. Moving to a new place

3. One month closer to Ramadan  

4. Field trip to Melaka with my friends  

Gotta get some rest now because I have a full day of work ahead of me. 
But look out for a collaborative fashion post soon ! x


  1. Just thought i'd share a little story with you. When i started uni i was so scared because this is the real deal. You gotta keep those GPA's up, assignments for multiple subjects etc. My first 2 semesters were so hectic i can't even begin to explain. I had a rough 2 semesters and i cried countless of times. I found that the only way i could calm myself and find peace is when i solat and doa after that. Especially when solat Maghrib. And without fail i manage to get through things the next day.I kept it up and i managed to power through the semester. I personally nvr noticed or realised the miracle of doa's. Maybe because i don't doa hard enough or i ask for unrealistic things but when i really seek for help from Allah, Alhamdullilah i receive the help i need. And its the best feeling ever. To have you prayers answered by Him. You Izza Atirah, have such great values and discipline so i pray that you achieve your dreams and dream even bigger. May all your prayers and wishes be answered by Him. InsyaAllah with the motivation, hard work and determination you have one day you'll be able to study abroad.

    Sincerely, an avid blogger reader. :) xx

    1. I just got home from work and reading what you wrote is such a nice thing to come back to. I'm glad that you were able to get through those two rough semesters, all by the power of prayer. Allah is great and He will always be there for us, and your story is definitely proof of it. Your comment is such a good reminder, and I really needed this. Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me, and for the kind doa ! Amin. May Allah bless you and your family eternally. And thank you for reading my blog too ! xx

  2. hi izza!!! this might be very random but do you mind share with us how you and irfan met and fall in love ;P so eager to know!!!!

    1. Hii ! Hahah it is random, but I'll share :D Irfan and I met through my cousin Hannah, we started texting but the first time he met me face to face was when he surprise visited me while I was working at Baskin Robins. I looked horrible in my uniform and he even waited for me to finish work (watched me mop the floors and all some more) hahaha I didn't get to dress up and look pretty the first time we met but he's so sweet and still said I looked beautiful.

      We went on our first date, and talked to each other a lot more after that. We clicked so well and made each other very happy, and that's when we knew that we loved each other. The love kept growing ever since !!

  3. Hi may I ask you something. If you feel being left out in your circle of friends and they kinda ditch you during most of occasions or hangouts, what would you do? Leave them and choose your own path or stay?

    1. Hii, that's not nice of them to do that to you. If I were you I'd try asking them honestly why they're doing this to me, ask nicely not in a rude way or anything (they're still my friends). I would leave if they want me to leave, but if they don't then I'll stay. I'll do my own thing, hang out with other friends and make new ones, but if they wanna hang out with me too then i'll still come around. Friendships don't have to be exclusive, and they don't have to end just because they don't wanna hang out with you as much. Just be somewhere in the middle. x