Thursday, 21 January 2016

Shopping ? No, Shoppr !

@izzaatirah on Shoppr 

If the fashion side of Tumblr + Instagram + Pinterest were to combine and give birth to an app ; it would definitely be Shoppr
So what exactly is Shoppr ? Shoppr is a mobile app that's available on both AppStore & Google Play, and what you can do with it is view 
everyone's latest OOTDs, you can follow anyone from the Shoppr community that you like, save your favourite outfits to inspiration boards.. 
Doesn't sound like anything special yet right ? WELL. 

What sets Shoppr OOTD's apart from all the other social media apps like Tumblr or Instagram is that you can actually find similar pieces of clothing from the OOTDs. You read that right. 
And no, you're not dreaming. Gone are the days where you look at someone's outfit and say 'damn, I wish I knew where she got that from' followed by going through the trouble of browsing through countless of online stores on the web to look for that ONE piece of clothing. Now, you can just click on an OOTD on Shoppr, scroll down and you can see options of similar clothing items online that are found in the OOTD ! Let me show you a quick example. 

Here are two of my OOTDs that I uploaded : 

Scroll down... and...

BAM. Shoppr gives you a bunch of options for what I'm wearing !
After that, you scroll to the bottom of the page, click on 'Email Me The Outfit' and Shoppr will send you the links to all the clothes. 
I don't know how they do it, technology is so advanced now ! All I had to do was upload the photo and Shoppr did all the rest
 (finding alternatives around the web and listing them together) for me. Cool right ?!

Another feature I love about Shoppr is the #girlcrush and What To Wear section of the app. #girlcrush is where I can find style tips and steal-her-looks from celebs and influencers ; from Kendall Jenner to Mina Rosli, you name it. What To Wear on the other hand, is where they have themes that you can click on. Like in the photo above, you can see 'Steal His Clothes' and all that, so clicking on one of those tabs will lead me to a new page of super interesting content about style ; it's like reading an article from Teen Vogue ! They also show outfits from the Shoppr community that fit the theme so I can easily save them to one of my boards. 

My overall experience with Shoppr so far has been awesome. It's incredible how I can just search hashtags like #zara or #minimal and all these OOTDs with my kind of colours (black, white, browns, greys) and style come out ! I get so inspired to try different outfit combinations and shop for new staple items for my wardrobe. I wear the same thing a lot, guys. I'm a serious outfit repeater but Shoppr has definitely helped me in ways that every time I browse through different outfits on the app, I always get fresh ideas to style my outfits and go 
'ohhh I have something like that, I can totally wear that with this and this etc etc'. 

When Shoppr invited me to be apart of their Influencer campaign, I was hesitant and I told them straightforward that fashion is not my forte, and that I'm more of a lifestyle blogger than anything else.. heck I'm not even fashionable haha ! But they told me that they wanted me to join anyway because I seem very confident in what I wear and how I carry myself ; 
which for the most part is true. They also told me that :

 'We (Shoppr) are not focused on showing girls how to be a model but on making girls comfortable to dress in their own style -- whatever it may be. 

I totally, 100% stand by that, and support what Shoppr is doing ; innovating the way we use social media for the ultimate fashion experience. 
So what are YOU waiting for ? 
Go download Shoppr and use the app for yourself :
Can't wait to see your outfits ! x

Disclaimer : All thoughts are my own, and I honestly really like the app ! I wouldn't have agreed to join the campaign if I didn't hahaha. I'm really not the type to false advertise (what more with my busy schedule), and I wouldn't spend time and/or put in the effort to write about a product if I didn't actually like it. I hope you guys enjoy using Shoppr as much as I do ! 


  1. Hi izza! Just want to know where did you buy your new black backpack? Because i saw you at college and thought that the bag is soo nice. Thank you in advance izza!

    1. Hii ! Haha it's by Converse but I bought it from Zalora :) You're welcome !

  2. I was kinda amazed by this app at first bcs how cool and easy everything is. But then when i download it on my phone, it keeps on crashing. I had to uninstalled and install it again but it keeps crashing again. SIGH but i do really love this app, its just bothering me cause it keeps on crashing. & since we need to sign up, they gives us like 3 emails per day reminding us new styles & all. Haha, anyway love your outfits Izza !

    1. Oh no, you should email them and ask why it's happening.. maybe there's a glitch somewhere for people who just downloaded it. But yeah, the people at Shoppr are super helpful and friendly, you should contact them ! You can choose to unsubscribe from the emails I think hahaha. Thank you !! xx

  3. Its so nice to see you collaborate with companies and brands Izza! I really trust your opinions and recommendations. :) xx

    1. Haha thank you so much ! It's surreal how they want plain 'ol me to collaborate with. xx

  4. Hi izaa. I love to read ur blog. This app is so amazing. This app is really saved any other girl live. Really. Btw i just want to ask u that if u have any favorite insta shop that sells shawl besides duckscarves. U know duckscarves is quite pricey. Hahaha anyway i love the way u wear sacrves or shawl.

    1. Hii, thank youu ! Glad you love the app, too ! Yup, @jetaimeshawls and :)