Wednesday, 16 December 2015

dUCk Planner

Hi guys ! I got a number of comments about the dUCk planner in my previous post and I'm sorry I didn't reply to any of them haha but it's only because I was already planning to blog about it today ! The planner is RM120, and they have four colours ; Blush, Lavender, Toffee (looks more like grey to me), and Mint (mine !). These things are so expensive and you could easily get a planner far cheaper than this (e.g. : Typo planners). I'll let you decide if it's worth it or not, each to their own opinion right ? :) 

So it comes in this really sturdy, pretty box : 

I fell in love with the mint one for obvious reasons : 1) It's my favourite colour. 2) It reminds me of Tiffany & Co. boxes ! 
The book feels nice to hold albeit a bit heavy, the material (?) used for the hard cover feels nice and luxe, kind of textured. 

The special dUCk charm : 

When you first open the planner, this is what you'll see : 

The planner layout : 

The pages are meant for the days highlighted, as shown below : 

LOVE that they have a monthly view calendar. I'm the cross-out-days type of girl so I really appreciate this haha. 

Vouchers that are in every planner : 

I don't think these vouchers can be used online, because there's no code for it. You literally have to cut these out from the planner and present them at the participating outlets. 

Because I have been using Typo planners for yeaarssss now, I'm so used to their weekly planner layout that this dUCk one seems a bit intimidating to me. So I'm going to quickly insert photos of my Typo planner (yes I realise I have two 2016 planners now, might use both for different things. Might give one away. Haha) to compare and also list down what I like about them. 

Here's my Typo planner. Same size (A5) as the dUCk one. This was 50 ringgit (sooo much cheaper than dUCk) : 

1. First thing I love about Typo planners that the dUCk one doesn't have is reference calendars. This is so useful ! A full calendar of the previous, current, next year, all on the same page. Super easy to mark holidays or if you're like me ; circle my birthday for every year hahaha. 

2. List of public holidays. I love holidays. You love holidays. I like knowing when they are.  

3. This full year calendar thing. I usually write birthdays on here !! 

4. The layout that I'm oh-so-used-to. 

5. Size and weight. I love that the Typo one is so much thinner and lighter, it doesn't take much space in my bag. 

Both of these are great planners, each with their pros and cons based on my preference. 

dUCk planner PROs


2. Vouchers. 

3. Beautiful illustrations + motivational typography inside, colourful too ! 

4. There's also a cat inside. Cats win in my book. 

dUCk planner CONs

1. They don't have reference calendars + public holidays.  Lack functionality, basically. 

2. Bulkier than the Typo one. 

3. The layout is a bit weird and foreign to me. 

Typo planner PROs

1. The layout !!! Straightforward, clean, easy, more functional. 

2. Much more practical to bring everywhere. 

3. Reference calendars + public holidays. 

Typo planner CONs

1. It's pretty boring inside. 

Really can't think of more cons for the Typo one because yknow, I've been using them for years and I love them haha. But yeah, I love them both honestly. Can't pick a favourite right now ! I hope this post was helpful to you guys who are looking into buying a planner for 2016. Personally, I use my planner so investing on a nice one is pretty reasonable. 
I don't know about you guys, so again ; each to their own !

Disclaimer : This post isn't to promote or influence any of you to buy these planners, I just wanted to share photos and give my opinions on both of them. 
I bought both of these on my own (planner-obsessed, I know), and I am not sponsored or anything. 

These are available at, FashionValet Bangsar Village II, and Double A Cafe. Please don't ask me about whether or not they're currently in stock haha. 
1) I don't keep track of the stocks and I'm only at FV on weekends. 2) You can keep up with restocks via @theduckgroup on Instagram.  

Let me know what you think  and feel free to link my post to anyone you know who is curious about the dUCk planners. 
For more photos go browse through @duckstationery / #duckplanner on Instagram ! x


  1. Your blog posts are like a treat to me cause i usually check your blog at the end of the day after coming home from a loooong tiring day at uni! So nice to come home to a nice blog post or in this case, 3!!! Bless you Izza hahah. Oh and i baru nak beli the same typo planner as the one you bought ahahah tapi still contemplating which one. :) xx

    1. Awwww I'm happy you like my blog posts ! Hahaha I think I merepek most of the time but its nice to they amuse you. Oooh okay, wait till like the end of December to get the planner from Typo. They usually become half price but I'm not sure if it's gonna be the same this time around haha. Bless you ! xx