Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Pop Box !

If you've been waiting for my post about The Pop Box, wait no more ! Because today, I can finally share with you guys everything about The Pop Box + what I got in May's 'Skincare' themed box. I was insanely happy when I got mine last week and I've been getting quite a few questions about The Pop Box since then, 
so hopefully I'll be able to explain everything here. 

First of all, a little introduction to The Pop Box to those who don't know. Pop Box is a monthly beauty box. How it works is, you preorder via on Instagram before their monthly closing date, make payment of RM120 to their account, and then you for the box to arrive a few weeks later. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is in the Pop Box ? 

You get 5 FULL SIZED beauty products + goodies + samples. 

2. Yes, but what do I get in the box, exactly ? 

Every month The Pop Box will announce a theme for the Pop Box and all the items in the box will revolve around that. For April - it was 'Cruelty Free', for May (the one I got) - it was 'Skincare' and currently, The Pop Box are taking orders for June with the theme 'Korean' (all you korean beauty product lovers go and order your box now !!). 

EVERYTHING in the box is a surprise for you until you receive the box ! But The Pop Box team aren't that evil, they'll give you teasers and drop you hints to get you excited for what's coming. Think of it like a surprise present to yourself ! You will LOVE everything you get because the owner of The Pop Box has impeccable taste and quality is always top priority. 

3. Why is it so expensive ? 

Honestly, I think it's really worth it for what you're going to be getting. 5 full sized products, and a whole lotta goodies and samples + nationwide Poslaju shipping is actually a really, really good deal. Plus a lot of the items inside the box are imported ! 

4. How will they know what shade to give me for my beauty products ?

You have to fill in a form when you place an order, so in that form you'll be asked to state your skin tone, preferable lipstick shade, type of skin, etc, so you'll be rest assured that what you get it going to suit you. If you don't want to specify, you could always choose 'surprise me' and the Pop Box team will surprise you with the items ! 

5. Okay, this sounds amazing. Where and how do I order ?

You can start by following on Instagram. And to order, simply fill in this online form : 

Okay now to give you an idea of how much stuff you're going to be getting..  Let's go through the whole opening process of my May 'Skincare' Pop Box together 
just so you guys could feel like you're actually opening the box with me hehe. 

*shrieks in excitement*


That's a lot of stuff omg. 
I mean LOOK :

Now tell me how could I not be excited looking at everything in the box ???

Okay let's get into details. The products are listed below !

What I received from The Pop Box (items 1 - 6) 

Goodies & Samples 

From Pop Box : (Items 1 - 2)

From Sponsors : (Items 3 - 11) 

All of the items below are from The Pop Box :

Pop Box Items listed down individually : 

Hand & Body Lotion by Queen Helene

Character 'Fox' Mask by The Face Shop 

Hand Lotion by Andalou Naturals 

Lip Balm by Blistex 

Skin DeTox Tea by Yogi (16 tea bags inside)

Masks : Capsule Recipe Pack by Innisfree, My Beauty Diary, My Scheming, Face Q. 

And here are the sponsored items listed down individually : 

Lemona Vitamin-C by iBeauty Store

Coffee Scrub by @scrubssecret

Vouchers by @colorfulcomplements

Shiseido Facial Mask by @popdeelight

Teas by @pickbynm

Homemade body soap by @thesoapfable

Cathy Doll Magic Bubble Pore Mask by @cathydollmurah

Metallic tattoos sponsored by @taratats and

That was A LOT of stuff right ????

I'm still in the midst of trying everything out so I'll be doing another separate post to review the products I got from The Pop Box and the other sponsors around end of this month :) 

Sooooooo excited to pamper myself with all of this (!!!) : 

If you're interested to place an order for the June 'Korean' Pop Box, head on over to their Instagram and click on the link in their bio (be quick, cause they're only taking orders until the 10th for June's Pop Box). Or wait around for July's Pop Box if Korean products aren't your thing (but they should be, cause helloooo koreans have like the best skin ever ?? haha)

Anywaaaaaaay, I hope I managed to convince y'all on how genius this whole Pop Box concept is (and why you should get it haha). 
The Pop Box is just borderline amazing, and I hope they'll gain huge success in the near future. 

Gonna go put on a face mask, slather myself with lotion and make myself some tea now hehe. x 


  1. yay!! was looking forward to this

    1. Haha woohoo !! Thanks for reading !

  2. are the products that you purchased halal?

    1. There's no halal cop on any of the products, but they don't contain haram ingredients and most of these products are vegan / organic too :)

  3. Izza,macam mana you tukar from blogspot '.com' je?

    1. how much did you paid for domain?

    2. Around 40 I think. For a year

  4. Hi Izza! OMG I didnt know you had a blog till today.I have been reading your posts from the time I came back from school right up till now! I was one of your followers on instagram and I had been a follower since you were in Form 5? Haha. I shut down all my social media as I faced the same problem as people were invading my privacy, people these days haih. I always thought of you to be a beautiful person, I was one of those kids who'll be like 'mama look this girl is so pretty!' Whenever I see your pictures on instagram. Tbvh, I never really thought you'll be my source of inspiration till today as I read your posts I finally realized. Im 17 now and Izza, you make me wish I was in college too! The life that you lead is simply amazing! I was I could be half the amazing person you are. looking at who you've become now has inspired me. You dont have to want to be like Vivy, in my opinion, being Izza Atirah is amazing enough really. Im sure younger girls like me want to be you. Good luck in all your future undertakings Izza! Im so happy that I found your blog, something to keep me entertained since im dreading over my studies haih. Oh and if I do order my own pop box, can I suggest your name cus frankly, you did introduce it to me haha

    1. Hiii ! Hahaha omg you've spent so much time on my blog, thank you for reading !! I don't even know where to start really, because I'm incredibly overwhelmed (in the best possible way) by your comment, I mean you've just started reading my blog today and you have such kind words to say to me I just.. ahhh I feel like crying happy tears and giving you a hug for being so sweet !

      Please enjoy your time at school while you're still there, I had such a blast being 17 and although I don't miss school, I do miss being that age and not having to worry about the things I worry about now (trust me, college life is so not easy !) And my life seems pretty amazing on my blog, and it is sometimes, but it's not 100% that way. I have my depressing days but I just choose not to share. And, and I'm sure you're even more amazing than I am ok, don't have to wish to be half of what I am hahaha, nowhere near amazing pun !

      It's people like you who motivate me to become the best person that I can be. As much as I adore Vivy, I still want to be my own person so don't worry ! Again, thank you so much for taking the time to write to me. I can feel your sincerity as I read your comment over and over again, and I feel like crying every time hahaha god I'm such an emotional person ! Good luck to you too, especially with SPM and all. I'll be making doa for you !

      And of course you can sweetie x

  5. Lots of love from Brunei Izza! I've been a silent reader of yours for about a month now I think, when I came across your instagram through duckscarves. Hehe you commented regarding the loose stitching of the duck charm. Love all your posts! Been reading your blog every now and then. You're an inspiration! Just like Proudduck. <3333 I'm currently on a very long holiday before continuing my studies in September. hehe. So when I feel really bored, I'd just click on your blog and spend time reading your posts cos I enjoy your writing and it'd help me perk my day up too especially when I'm in such a bad mood. Hehehe love love love! ♥

    1. Aww this is too cool, can't believe I have someone reading my blog from Brunei ! ♥ ♥ Omg it's an honour to even be mentioned in the same sentence as Proudduck, what more to be called an inspiration just like Proudduck ?? That's insane, you're making me tear up. Thank you so much T.T Wow that's 4 months away, have fun and relax while you can ! Again, thank you so much for reading my blog and taking the time to leave me a sweet comment ! I'm glad my blog is able to make you happy <3 Sending love back to you in Brunei !! xx

  6. Ur so mature and intelligent izza..i think u can be one of those powerful women like in the world ranking someday

    1. Haha it just appears so on my blog, I can be really immature sometimes ! But thank you so much, that's a HUGE compliment <33

  7. how do u order from the pop box???? its so hard. pls explain in detail plsss

    1. You just click on the link I gave and fill in the form ! The link is on their instagram too : :)

  8. Hi Izza. I would like to ask you for some recommendation on where should I get my macbook sleeve bag? I also would like to ask on how you bring your macbook air everywhere. Do you use a sleeve bag or just a bag? Because I have thought on looking a bag to carry my MBA at Charles&Keith but sadly they dont have the right size for it. I want it to look classy but I dont know where should I look for. Thank Izza

    1. Hii ! I'm not so sure actually D: I bring my Macbook everywhere in a sleeve / case thing from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Hmm I really don't know where to get a class looking sleeve to be honest, but if I see any I'll let you know !

  9. My Lord, that's a lot of products! Definitely worth every penny. I especially love that there's a skin detox tea. I'd like to get my hands on that !

    1. I know riiiight. They sell those items individually too, and I personally really like the tea as well. Recommended !!