Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Paresa Dream

I am vacation-deprived. 
Too vacation deprived that scouring the web for affordable flights and hotels has become a daily routine for me in the past couple of weeks, not even kidding.

That was until Lara, a friend of mine, tagged me in the comments of @fashionvaletcom's post about 
a contest for bloggers to not only win a vacation but a head-to-toe ensemble from FashionValet too.
Oh. My. God. I NEED THIS.

So like the internet-dependant teenager that I am, I did my research on Paresa Phuket ( and my jaw dropped. 

The resort is insanely beautiful. Heck, beautiful is an understatement. It is absolutely stunning. 
'Paresa, Heaven of all Heavens' it says on the website. And for good reason. 

"A search for the idyllic and the refreshing has brought us together at Paresa, the heaven of all heavens where the outside world fades away and time stands still. Perched on the seaside slopes, amid tropical forests, over azure blue waters and a picturesque panorama of the Andaman Sea, Paresa is an oasis of tranquility and unrivalled luxury. Cocoon yourself in style within a resort that is Phuket’s best kept secret, along its most spectacular coastline at Paresa luxury Kamala Resort. 
A secluded retreat to get away from it all and enjoy an island escape.

And on The Luxe Nomad it says, 
"You think you’ve died and gone to heaven. But this is no ordinary heaven. This is the “heaven of heavens”, or what is known as Paresa in Sanskrit. 
It’s a pretty big claim to make, but Paresa Resort Phuket is nothing short of divine. Set in what could pass for the Garden of Eden, 
the resort is built around magnificently preserved Banyan trees and basks in the warmth of golden sunsets dipping into the Andaman Sea.

The Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired organic architecture and simplicity of Southern Thai interior design are spot-on luxury 
while the fibre optic-lit infinity swimming pool sets a dramatic backdrop for al fresco dining. 
You won't want to head back to reality after this Kamala beach paradise."

I read that and I was immediately sold. It sounds like perfection. 
But it wasn't until I clicked on the gallery that I really fell in love. 
See for yourselves (all photo credits go to & Google & The Luxe Nomad)  : 

I think I'd be taking photos instead of actually eating with this view hahaha. 

And oh my God look at the tubs !!! I don't have a bath tub at home so bath tubs are like a luxury to me already, can't wait to immerse myself warm bubbly water. 
I don't even wanna get out of the bath with a spectacular view like this. *shrieks in excitement*

A home in paradise would no doubt look like this. 

I can so imagine taking my ootd's here, I mean looooook ! 

I'd like to win a stay at Paresa Phuket on The Luxe Nomad because of a couple of reasons, besides me being extremely vacation deprived and the resort being breathtakingly beautiful, more than anything I would love to bring my mother on a vacation like this. I am 18 (turning 19 this coming September), so the idea of bringing my mother on a really nice holiday without having to spend a fortune seems pretty impossible to me, what more with not-so-much income (my salary from my part time job in Subway won't ever be enough to pay for this kind of holiday haha). My mother works very hard to support my younger brother and I, no matter what life throws at her she will make sure that her kids get everything they need and more. She is the strongest woman in my life, and I could never, ever repay her for all that she's done and sacrificed for me. Being a mother is the hardest job in the world, but my mother has managed to do her part magnificently in taking care of the household. My mother has a deep appreciation and love for beaches and the sea, she loves it. If I win this, she is definitely the person I'd go with. This trip would also allow the both of us to finally relax and unwind from our hectic daily lives. Winning this would mean the world to me for this reason, to make my mother happy. 

Another reason why I'd love to win this is because I want to take amazing photos and footage of my entire trip. For a while now I've been saving up for a new camera and I finally got it earlier this month so this trip would be the perfect place to start snapping away. I'd want to capture every moment of the trip to share on my blog and with everyone I know. From my strolls around the beautiful resort and touring around my villa, to what I eat for every meal, to what I wear and everything in between. I'm no photography expert but I do have a knack for taking Instagram (@izzaatirah) / tumblr worthy photos. *winks* haha. And hey, I might even do a whole video diary while I'm there ! With their free wifi around the resort, updating all of my social media platforms instantly won't be difficult at all. So with that said, it's basically like having all of you with me on the trip ! :p 

Now moving on to the fun bit of this contest, choosing what I would wear from FashionValet while I'm there. This is extremely hard because I love almost everything on the site, but I've managed to find the perfect ensemble for the trip ! I'm going from head to toe in order.
1. Headscarf 

I don the hijab and without having to think twice, dUCk would definitely be my ideal choice of headscarf. dUCks are extremely comfortable and easy to wear plus they stay put alllllll day.  I'd love to bring my dUCk(s) to the beautiful resort ! The colours I would wear are usually very neutral, and I thought these two would be perfect. Neutral beach-y, sandy colours to match the blue seas. 



2. Top 

For my top, I'd wear something lightweight and loose for a relaxed look. I would go for either these two tops by Aere or Scha Alyahya for Fashion Valet. I'm a huge fan of white tops because they're versatile, oh so very easy to dress them up or down, plus they go with absolutely everythiiiiiing. You can never go wrong with a white top. 

3. Necklace 

Any outfit can go from a zero to ten if paired with the right accessory, and for this outfit ensemble, I have found the perfect necklace from Marshella Adornment to pull the whole look together. White pearls are classic, but a necklace crafted from black pearls ? Now that's something different. This piece is classy yet edgy, I love it. 

4. Bottoms

I've recently been REALLY into palazzo pants lately and these pants from Mimpikita are to die for ! So for a classy look to lounge around the luxurious resort, I'd definitely pair my white tops with these pants. So elegant and they look so comfortable too !

5. Shoes

When I think of resorts, the shoes I would think of bringing are definitely something that I don't mind getting wet. As much as I like flip flops, I'd want to wear a nice pair of shoes too ! So these pair of flats from Melissa are perfect. Not only are they said to be comfortable, they're crafted from plastic too ! 

I really, really, really hope I get chosen to be one of the lucky two winners for this contest. 
I want my Paresa dream to become a reality, but most of all, I want to bring my mother on a much needed exotic yet luxurious holiday. Hehe. I'm getting excited just thinking about it ! 

If you're interested to take part in this contest by FashionValet and The Luxe Nomad, click here for more details. 

And for more information (and pictures) of Paresa Phuket, click here and click here.

Wish me luck ! x


  1. Hi izza i know this is nothing related to your post. But Im just curious masa you buat surprise birthday irfan, may i know how much is the pizza pie? Looks so yummy but taktau price dia reasonable or not. Hehe and btw the black red balloons you bought from the store memang dia originally like that with ribbons etc or you blow it and put ribbons yourself? just curious :)

    1. Hi ! Oh haha you should have commented on the birthday post itself but its okay. The whole pizza (it's really big) was about RM90+ including tax, one slice if you buy it on its own is about 13 - 15 if I'm not mistaken. It's really sedap. And the balloons, the ribbon is attached sekali, cause there's helium in it so without the ribbon and the steel ring to hold it down nanti the balloons will float away.

  2. InsyaAllah!!i hope ull get it izza!!:)

  3. Gorguette espresso *gasp in awe*

    1. I know right, it's beautiful. *drools*

  4. Aww good luck!!! I hope you get it Izza <3

    1. Hehe thank you !! InsyaAllah. xx

  5. hi izza. how much duckscarf do you own ?? you order it online is it ? quite expensive isnt it :(

    1. Hi ! Just one. And yeah, there's no other way to buy it unless it's through Yeaaaah super expensive :S

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Ler !! Good luck to you too :D