Tuesday, 10 March 2015


He even looks good reading. 

Irfan and I went out on a date at Gardens yesterday and no doubt, I had a really good time. It's no surprise how I become extra happy in his presence, he has this ability to make me laugh and smile like no other with his wit. Not to mention, all the never-ending stories & general knowledge he has in his head. Random, but I love that he uses 'we' when he talks about the future, like how we are going to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium (Real Madrid's home ground) together one day or how we are going to be awesome parents when the time comes, insyaAllah. It makes me feel content knowing that he wants a future with me too. We've definitely come a long way since our first date haha, 10 months together and still in love as ever. 

We had Thai for lunch and then we watched Chappie, it was a good movie ! I didn't know a robot could make me feel so much, I even wanted to cry during one of the scenes. I'm planning to watch Cinderella next, with my mum hopefully cause I remember she used to read me the story book when I was little so it'd be nice to watch with her. Anyway, I dropped Irfan off at his place after that and I drove back home. The traffic wasn't as bad as I expected it to be so I managed to reach home around 7-ish. 

Little life update : right now I have time to relax until this weekend, I start working and I volunteered for an event at the masjid so I'm going to start being busy again. By working, I mean I'm going back to making sandwiches at Subway haha, I miss it and they're short of staff so I figured why not. Plus working means I'm closer to getting my camera, yay ! 

That's it for this post. Here's to more dates with my amazing boyfriend and a productive semester break. x 


  1. What kind of tudung are u wearing tht izza? And you pakai cara sama ke? U look stunning!

    1. It's a chiffon tudung from It's called the Aida Chiffon shawl in Cream if I'm not mistaken. Yup, same way !