Sunday, 15 February 2015

Arissa's 19th Gangsta Rap Birthday Dinner

Super Dupers (Hanis was there in spirit)  Gangsta Rap Edition

My best friend Arissa turned 19 on the 9th of February and we celebrated her birthday at a restaurant in Ascott KL called Tujo Bar-sserie & Grill last Friday with the theme 'Gangsta Rap'. I started the day early, I had to be at MSU by 8AM to conduct a Zumba session for my group's Organizational Behaviour final project, it was hella tiring ! I'm just really glad that we managed to get the whole thing done and over with, it's been giving me major stress since the beginning of Feb. I got home around 11, showered, packed my clothes + make up to wear for the dinner, and took a quick nap before leaving for my grandparents' house in Bangsar. I wanted to avoid Friday traffic, so I left the house around 3 and hung out at my grandparents' place before having to pick Irfan up since he lives minutes away.

Quick (half) outfit shot while I walk to my car.

I love my step-grandmother, Ta (that's what I call her). I've only been her cucu for about 4 months but she treats me like she's known me forever. I mean I'm not even in her and atuk's bloodline but I'm always given the warmest welcome and hospitality in their home. I don't have grandparents on my mother's side, and my grandmother on my father's side lives in Melaka so it was really really nice to be able to say 'I'm driving off to my grandparents' now !'. I watched a bit of Sky High, had lunch for the second time, and took another nap and quick shower before getting ready. Did my make up, said my goodbyes to Ta and Kak Sun (their maid), "Anytime you have a function or party ke apa tidur la rumah Ta, party kan always habis lambat" Ta is the cutest hahaha. My step dad even told her that my friends and boyfriend all live nearby and jokingly said that I might be moving in there soon because of that hahaha. 

Zoomed off to Irfan's and I let him drive Kimberly (my car) from there. The last time I saw him was on Monday, when I drove to his university to surprise visit him, so it was wonderful to have seen him twice in the same week. We left his place and reached Ascott like, 30 minutes after ? Would have been sooner but KL traffic is horrible, on Fridays especially. 

Photos I stole from ; @heliumnkonfetti on Instagram. 

The decorations were sooo nice ! When we got there the place was dark and lit up by candles, I couldn't take photos of the deco so I took those photos up there from the party planners' Instagram account. The dollar bills are actually tissues ! We all had our names printed in individual frames and they were placed at our seats ! I love personalized deco, it just makes everything a whole lot more special for the guests. I missed my best friends, being around them automatically makes me suuuper happy. And I was really glad that Arissa invited Irfan as well ! My best friends have met him, but in a hi-bye kind of way, so this time around we were all seated and we all had to talk. It was a chance for my best friends to get to know Irfan and vice versa. I've hung out with Irfan's best friends a lot of times so it was time for him to hang out with mine and it was awesome how well they got along, I mean, they were even embracing and laughing at each other's lame jokes. I admire how easy it is for Irfan to get along with everyone, he can literally be friends with anybody and I think we share that same trait. He's a keeper !! 

Oh I wish I had taken photos of the food tho, they were delish. Chicken wings, fajitas with chicken curry, pizza, sandwiches and potato wedges, and my ultimate fav ; the mini pavlovas. They were SOO good, I had 3. I went back home sad that I didn't have more of those. 

Of course, what is a gangsta party without posing for gangsta photos right haha. 

Outfit details from head to toe 

  • Black pashmina shawl from a random stall in the mall
  • Jumper with attached necklace from ZARA
  • Black pants with side zippers from ZARA 
  • Black sling bag with gold hardware from H&M
  • Black wedges from a random shoe shop in Ampang Park 
  • Bandana (I made into a wristband) from the table setting at the party 

Sha a.k.a Beyonce (bandana on her head) and Mars 

With the world's best lover.
Your squad goals. 

Blurry and I have no idea why I'm so fond of this photo

 Beyonce & Jay-Z / Jhene Aiko & Childish Gambino / Vivy & Fadza ? Take your pick hahaha

Happier less gangsta version of us.

Irfan and I were among the first to leave, after dropping him off at his house I drove back to mine. Living in Shah Alam when all of your friends / boyfriend live in another area is tooooorture I tell you. But overall I had an amazing night with my friends + Irfan, and I can't wait to see all of them again which is pretty soon, insyaAllah. x


  1. Izza, I really like how you wear your shawl! I was wondering if youre happy with the duckscarves material and would recommend me buying it because its obviously quite expensive for a piece of shawl, I also really like reading your blog :)

    1. Thank you ! I got the mixed crepe material and when I first got it, to be honest I didn't like the material at all ! I thought it was pretty hard to style but after trying a couple of times, I ended up loving it a lot haha. The mixed crepe is sturdy and it doesn't drape as softly (like a chiffon would), if you're into that then you should totally get the mixed crepe.

      But a friend of mine recently got the peachskin material and oh my god, it is SO. SOFT. and super light. I'd recommend you getting that one because it was love at first touch for me when I ran my fingers through my friend's peachskin haha. Get a colour you'd wear a lot, since it's super super expensive for a shawl. I'm really happy with my mixed crepe in Toffee Pudding. I just wish they were cheaper haha. Planning to get another one when I have the money.

      Oh but the stitching of the dUCk charm is bad though, my dUCk fell off while I was wearing it. So that part is kind of sad cause I paid $120 for it, but yeah I just need to stitch it back to the shawl. Thank you for reading my blog !! And let me know if you do end up getting a dUCk and what you think about it. I'd love to know :)

    2. Izza!! I finally saved up money to get myself one and I decided to get the mixed crepe jugak, cant wait for it to arrive, and it was so hard to pick a colour!

    3. Ahhh so happy for you !! You're gonna love it I promise. What colour did you pick ?! :D

  2. Love what you're wearing Izza! I enjoy reading your blog too hehe.

    1. Thank you so much !! I'd love to read your blog too though, tell me if you ever decide to invite more readers or make it public hehe

  3. Hai izza!!ur my ultimate idol hehe..and oh i wanna ask if fashionvalet/duckscarves has like vendors anywhere? Coz i prefer to see and try them rather than buying online..ohh and u should try stuffs from @shopat22 by eliya!! I went to her shop and her onulaa scarves are soo gorgeous as well..:)

    1. Hii ! Omg so flattered, thank you ! They don't, you can only get them online which sucks cause I'd prefer to buy them through physical stores too. I'll definitely check them out, thank you for the suggestion :D