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The Prophet's Advice to Mu'adh

I attended this talk over a week ago and I've wanted to blog about it since then but I couldn't find the time to do it. But I do now ! Obviously haha. Anyway, this was held at iMuslim Academy. I'm really lucky that the academy is in my neighbourhood, they have free classes every Friday by international speakers and they're always very interesting topics. They even have basic beginner Arabic classes for free too. To know more about upcoming events or classes, I suggest you check their Facebook often ; If you live in Bukit Jelutong or anywhere nearby, you should totally join the class. I repeat ; it's free. Held every Friday, around 8PM. Comfortable place with air conditioning, just in case you're wondering haha. I personally have never been to the classes that many times, because I always had something on Fridays. But my mum and my aunty always went and they tell me it's really good. I trust their judgement. Hopefully I'll be able to make it for future classes. Oh and they stream their classes live too, so if you're too lazy to actually go to the class. Just go here ; and you're able to stream the class.  

If you're too lazy to read my blog post about the talk, you can proceed to watching it instead ! 
Link : You'll totally understand why I think he's cool. 

So this hadith was narrated by Muadz ibn Jabr, when he was about 16 - 17 years old. He was sent to Yemen at a very young age and so the Prophet Muhammad SAW gave him this advice. 

The first part of the hadith is an advice to Muadz (and to us) to have taqwa of Allah no matter where we may be. Taqwa is being conscious / aware of Allah SWT. In order to achieve this Taqwa, there are 10 things that need to be done.

  1. Fearing the punishment of Allah. 
  2. Fearing of akhirah.
  3. Hoping for Allah's reward in this life.
  4. Hoping for Allah's reward in the akhirah (including in the grave and on the Day of Judgement)
  5. Be aware of the hisab on the Day of Judgement. 
  6. Hayaa. Which means having a sense of shame in ones self that Allah sees us committing sins. 
  7. Shukr. Being grateful to Allah, not just verbally. But being grateful that it'll reflect in our actions too.
  8. Striving for knowledge in Islam continuously. The more we learn and study about our religion, the closer we are to Allah. 
  9. Continuously strive to understand the greatness of Allah. 
  10. Striving to be sincere in our love for Allah SWT. (Which will also reflect based on our actions.
Those 10 things are pretty easy since I'm sure most of us are able to cancel out at least 5 on the list. Being a perfect muslim doesn't mean having taqwa 100% of the time. If we had taqwa 100% of the time, none of us would be committing sins, and that wouldn't make us humans too because we as humans are prone to making mistakes, it's how we learn. But what a good muslim does when he or she does make a mistake or commit a sin, is through taubah. Seeking forgiveness. Doing good deeds. And that brings us to the second part of the hadith. 

When you commit a sin, react to it by doing a good deed. A good deed will remove the bad deed, so the more good you do, the more our sins will be wiped out. Syaitan is always whispering in our ears telling us things like "You're already doing this, what makes you think you'll ever go to Jannah this way ? Just keep sinning. Might as well go big while you're at it, you're already on your way to hell so go big or go home!" or things like "You've done this (bad thing), you're never going to be able to turn back. Allah is never going to forgive you." But that''s wrong, always remember that a bad deed is an opportunity for you to turn to Allah SWT. Not for you to run further away. Committing sin is NOT the problem. The problem is when you don't make taubah. 

Third part of the hadith, is advising us to have good character. During the talk, Sheikh Saad told us a story about something that happened during the Prophet's time. Prophet Muhammad SAW and his companions were in the mosque. They weren't praying, probably just talking somewhere at the corner of the masjid when suddenly a man walks in, goes right in the middle of where people are supposed to pray, pulled his pants down, and started peeing. The companions were all so ready to yell and chase him away but Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said "Stop. Let him finish." Imagine if that was us, we'd probably be yelling all sorts of curse words going all "HEY WHAT THE ____ ARE YOU DOING ?" but not the prophet, he let him finish. And after the man was done, he ordered someone to clean it up. And while everyone was busy, he pulled that man to the side and politely told him that "this is a place of prayer, you cannot pee here sir." The prophet didn't embarrass him in front of everyone, the prophet didn't scream at him when he was doing the deed, instead quietly pulls him to the side while everyone is busy, and talks to him nicely. That man was stunned by the Prophet's character that he took syahadah right after that and converted into a muslim. Character plays a huge role in everything, how you act and how you treat people is extremely important. How many times have you publicly humiliated someone ? Maybe pointed something out in front of a few people, or hurt the feelings of the person you're talking to while someone else is listening to the conversation ? or how many times have you spoken gossiped about someone to other people about what they do ? Like drinking or clubbing or what they wear or this and that. You'd be lying if you said you've never done that. Always remember that it is a sin to expose other people's sins. And maybe you do know a few people who do certain things that they shouldn't but if they're hiding it, then that's actually a good thing. Why ? Because that means they're still ashamed of it. It becomes a huge problem when someone becomes proud of the sins they commit. And another thing that the sheikh said that I really want to remember is 'Just because someone is sinful, doesn't mean everything in them is bad.' Treat people with the BEST character. Our prophet was lenient and gentle to all. He didn't discriminate. 

Another important thing that I want to stress on is this ; the more you learn or the more knowledge you attain, the better character you have to have. A lot of people become arrogant because of what they know, and they tend to look down on others who don't know as much. You know there's something wrong with them somewhere because you're supposed to have better character with all that knowledge, especially when that knowledge is about Islam. It just shows how they're not sincere in learning or sharing their knowledge. Because sincerity is when you have knowledge and you become kind that you want everyone to have the knowledge of what you have learned too. There are people who claim to follow the sunnah, eating like the Prophet, remembering all the hadiths, but part of the sunnah is also how you treat others. The prophet was a man of character. The best character. Being a muslim means being someone with good character too. 

So let's recap. This hadith had three major points in them ; 

  • Having taqwa all the time every time
  • Doing a good deed when we do a bad deed (sin)
  • Having good character

And with that, we have concluded and probably memorised this one simple hadith. Forgive me if there are any mistakes, sharing knowledge is caring, right ? Hope you guys found this post beneficial in some way. JazakAllah Khair. 


  1. I love reading your blog. It's amazing how you just covered yourself but you have better faith / doing more dakwah than i do :( keep it up! May Allah bless you :)

    1. Thank you ! Noo don't compare yourself to me like that, only Allah can say who has better faith :( I've always liked giving dakwah to people but I think nobody really took me seriously until I started covering up haha. I will and May Allah bless you too xx

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