Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Today was sort of a good day - bad day combination for me. Mostly bad, I think. But for the good part, I had lunch with my best friend Aina ! Always a ton of laughter with her and I seriously think our wantan mee dates at Homst should be held on a weekly basis. But anyway, my paper was at 4PM today but I was already on campus by 9, which is ridiculously early but I had no choice. I could have gone to the library and killed my time there while waiting for Aina to finish her paper, but the thought of taking the lift up to the 5th floor... and having to take all my belongings out of my bag... and carry them into the library (we can't bring our bags in the library, and they took the doors off the lockers wtf) and then looking for a place to sit.. Too. Much. Work. It's exam week a.k.a the only week the library is jammed packed with students "studying" so that explains why the library wasn't an option for me this morning. 

So like all loners with nothing to do on campus, I resorted to sitting on the steel bench in front of the huge tv screen that shows nothing but National Geographic, occasionally sports. For some reason I decided to read the news on CNN and BCC and I was outraged by the whole Charlie Hebdo attack and the reactions that came with it. I knew what the situation was when news were wide spread all over the internet hours after it happened last week, but it just hit me how serious this whole thing is. After reading so many news and tweets, I wanted to rant. So I went on my Blogger app on my phone, typed out a relatively long post about the whole thing and it took me a while (typing a blogpost on a phone isn't easy) and I wasn't finished but then students were all coming out from their classes and the hall and by then it was time for me to look for Aina. So after I had lunch with her yada yada, I checked my phone and the post was gone. GONE. Omg. It took me a while to type it on my phone and I was so excited to finish it and then it disappeared. I just, cant. Ugh, so okay fine. My draft of the post may be gone and never to be found again but I'm still going to rant about it a little now. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with the whole Charlie Hebdo news, let me quickly brief you, Charlie Hebdo is a French satirical magazine company that takes pride in humour and blasphemy regarding serious topics like politics or capitalism, and of course, religion. Their covers are cartoons that are drawn by the cartoonists in the company and everything on it is usually controversial. So last Wednesday, the company was attacked by Islam extremists slash gunmen and 12 people including the editor, cartoonists and journalists, were killed. It was tragic, really. But what drives me over the edge is how the world perceives Islam. "Islam is a religion of terror" "Islam promotes the killing of people who disbelieve". It sickens me, because really, these people lack knowledge. If they really wanted to mock Islam, the least they could do is do some research about the religion before saying something. Because of the killings that happened in Paris. France decided to have this walk of unity against extremists and terrorism which is fine,  they had over 3.7 million people but ironically the prime minister of Israel, a.k.a the king of terrorism in my eyes for killing thousands of innocents including kids and destroying homes and dropping bombs, was present at the walk too. Hand in hand with 40 other world leaders. Wow. Okay. But anyway, the walk of unity was still fine since they didn't target Islam, but terrorism as a whole. 

But in German on the other hand, an Anti-Islam rally was held in Dresden for all the wrong reasons. Apparently it's to wake the citizens up to realize of Islam's "dangerous ideology". Another case of not bothering to educate themselves about what our actual "ideology" is, ladies and gents.  It's just very upsetting to see the world like this. Going back to the Charlie Hebdo issue, nobody knows why exactly the gunmen wanted to attack Charlie Hebdo but for most, it's pretty obvious that they were angry at the magazine company for the depiction of our beloved Prophet Muhammd PBUH. Charlie Hebdo is no stranger to these kind of things, Jews and Christians have also been on the cover with again, inappropriate drawings. To these guys it's "freedom of speech". Okay, freedom of speech. It's good that everyone is free to speak their mind, but freedom of speech in public whether written or verbalised, has a limit to a certain extent. And when your freedom of speech involves the most sensitive topic i.e ; religion. Of course it's going to come off as provocative. Now it's religion, and then it's race, next thing you know it's splitting nations into becoming enemies. Discrimination shouldn't be second nature to us. Charlie Hebdo recently released another issue with the Prophet on it, which honestly in my opinion is not helping the situation at all. And when asked by the media they would say "We want people to laugh about this and not mourn about it." They're publishing 3 million copies of that issue with an English, Spanish and Arabic versions of them available. The covers are all over the internet, google it. You know, it's these kinds of things that pushes people to do bad, that pushes these extremists to be even more extreme. But as muslims, we need to sabr, this is a challenge for the ummah of our generation and we should handle it in an order that the Prophet would. Peacefully. Enough ranting. This would have been such a heated topic if I was still a debater and this motion came up but I'm not.. and my blog is the only place where I am free to express myself so whatevaa. Haha. 

Anyway, I had my Quantitative Techniques paper today and it was, mind my French ; shit. Everyone knows I hate numbers with a passion, but today I just hate it even more. I thought I was done with all the formulas and mathematical calculations that I'm certain will have no use in my future after SPM, but nooooo they come back to haunt me in Uni. I am to blame for not studying hard enough but stiiiiillllll. I cannot wait for this semester to end. No more numbers until I graduate, please and thank you. Because of that I kinda lost my mood, but I'm feeling a lot better now. Breathe in, breathe out. I guess writing is a form of therapy to me. 

I should probably get back to writing notes and studying for tomorrow's paper. Hope everyone's having a good week so far ! 

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