Sunday, 4 January 2015


Kosh means 'bye' in Kazakh :(

Today was pretty darn emotional. I had to say goodbye to my Kazakhstan students slash friends and it was really, really difficult for me. I've only been with them for about 5 days in total (so little time compared to the 2 weeks Zicky, Mama, Uncle Gary, Uncle Michael and Uncle Adrian got to spend with them) but my God, my heart was breaking when all of them said goodbye while thanking me for everything and giving me gifts. I got teary when all of them started hugging me, but when I gave my final goodbye speech on their bus.. I. Lost. It. Cried and the girls and teachers shed tears too, I could see them wiping their eyes as the bus moved away. I didn't spend enough time with them.

Since today was their final day, we had a talent show and everyone had to perform, either solo or in a group. These kids are super duper talented, if they can't dance, they can sing, if they can't do those, they can draw or act or do magic with numbers. My mouth hurt from all the smiling and laughing, they were crazy entertaining and extremely confident. 

Saida's drawing of Uncle Adrian

Their drawing skills are incredible. Meet Saida and Saya. 

Aslam and Albek 

I'm really going to miss them, they were such a great bunch. They're friendly and clever and they give their all at everything they do, it amazes me. They're well behaved. They get along with each other like best friends, there are no barriers between them despite their age differences, no fights, no drama. They have so much love, trust and respect for each other. They could leave their phones on their tables in the classes while they go out for lunch / tea because they trust that nobody would steal them. There was never a case of "missing" anything. So different compared to us in Malaysia. We leave something unattended for a minute and the next minute it's stolen. Another thing I absolutely adore about my students are definitely how supportive they are of each other, during the talent show, if somebody does a mistake or somebody didn't really perform that well, there were no 'boo's or laughter, there were only chants and claps and supportive gestures from all of them. 

Masya, Aida & Sanim 

I could hear the sincerity in their voices when they made speeches, with their cool Russian-like accents going all "I'd like to thank my amazing teachers, Ms Lita, Mr Mike, Mr Gary, Mr Adrian, Ms Izza and Mr Zicky. We had so much fun with you and we will miss you and Malaysia. You will forever be in our hearts and we love you. Please don't forget us." I read some of their feedback forms with mama and that made me even more emotional. I'm really happy that they thought the activity they benefited the most from was debate. I was handling the debates and that was when I got to know all of them on a whole new level, it means a lot that they loved that activity as much as I did. Their personal comments in the feedback form were full of thank you's and how happy they are with us. 

Aruzhan a.k.a Giselle haha

Saida, Saya, Assem. 

During one of the speeches from the teachers, I was honoured to be given cookies from Kazakhstan as a gift from them to me. Each and everyone of us got different gifts, and they probably kept in mind that I love love love cookies and cakes and ice-cream and the likes haha. But after everything was done, I was surprised and extremely flattered that a couple of them came to me personally to give me very meaningful gifts. Aidil gave me a photo of the Khoja Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum in Turkestan, Kazakhstan. He was an Islamic poet and preacher, also claimed that Prophet Muhammad SAW was his teacher. He died around 7 years after the prophet, if I'm not mistaken. But anyway, I googled pictures of the place and it's absolutely stunning and very historical. Shortly after that, Aruzhan a.k.a Giselle (Zicky and I call her that cause she kinda looks like Giselle from Fast & Furious. Han's girlfriend), came up to me and told me she wanted me to have a ceramic model of a traditional Kazakhstan home. With a candle inside, so if I light it up it looks like light coming out from the little house. Beautifully hand painted. And again, extremely meaningful to me. I get to display these little pieces of Kazakhstan in my room and that way I'll always remember them. 

I'm inspired by how motivated they are to learn and discover new things. It's no surprise that they came from the best school in Kazakhstan, NIS Aktobe, because really, I think they are the best. All rounders. I miss them already. From boy talk to explaining what nasi lemak is, and everything in between, I had an amazing experience teaching them and helping them out. I hope they're even more confident now in speaking and writing in English, and I hope their love for Malaysia will never fade. Hopefully, my family and I will visit Kazakhstan soon and I'm very lucky now that I have 36 friends in Kazakhstan to call. 

Getting all sad again. I'm gonna go munch on my Kazakhstan cookies and weep now. 


  1. May i ask what tyoe if shawl do you wear when you wear duckscarf? Eg jersey of crepe etc

  2. Im sorry if this is offensive. But it would be a lot prettier if you cover your chest with your tudung :)

    1. No it's not ! Thank you for the advice :)