Sunday, 25 January 2015


What I do, on most days. ( + LOL at my attempt to blur out my hair in the photobooth pic with Irfan haha)

This week has been sort of a tiring one for me. For starters, assignments and projects for the second half of the semester have started piling up and I feel tired all. the. time. So my routine for the past week has been wake up > drive to uni > class > drive home from uni > eat > sleep > repeat. It's nice to finally be able to drive to and fro uni, I don't have to wait til 8pm or take a cab to go home when my class finishes at 1. Oh and speaking of which, I named my car Kimberly ! Hahaha.

I know you must be wondering.. Why of all names ? Okay, so when I was really young probably since I was about 3, besides Barney, my favourite show in the entire world was Power Rangers Mighty Morphin. Weird right, I was an only child then, no brothers, no nothing, and I loved Power Rangers. So in Mighty Morphin, my favourite ranger was of course the pink one, and her name is Kimberly. I loved Kimberly so much that I told my mum to change my name to Kimberly. When she called me "Izza" I'd just keep quiet until she calls me Kim or Kimberly, only then I'll respond. Kim was the first fictional character that I looked up to, so I think I owe it to little Izza to name my first car after Kimberly. But anyway, yes I was a huge Power Rangers fan. Even after my brother was born, I'd make him watch them with me too and we ended up buying CDs for every single episode. My favourite Power Rangers series in order are : Mighty Morphin, Lost Galaxy and Turbo. LOVED those three I swear to God hahaha. Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force and In Space were okay. Hated Power Rangers Wild Force onwards. That's when I stopped watching, probably when I was about 8. Okay enough me fangirling over Power Rangers hahaha, but another reason why I named my car Kimberly was also because I loved Kim Possible all throughout primary school + my text tone is Kim's beep tone when Wade sends her a mission on her Kimmunicator. " So what's the sitch ?" I'm gonna include the video of KP's theme song just because.

I wanted to be Kim Possible so badly and I don't understand why they ever stopped showing Kim Possible and Totally Spies on Disney. I MEAN COME ON. Today's cartoons aren't even half as good as the ones from the early 2000s. Sigh. 

On Tuesday I attended a talk by Sheikh Saad Tasleem (he's really cool) about the Prophet's Advice to Mu'Adh Radiyallahu Anhu and it was really beneficial. I'm going to write a separate post about that talk to share with you guys. I like Sheikh Saad, he's quite young so he understands teenagers and how we act so he knows how to grab our attention too. But yeah, more on what he said when I write a post about it !

Every time a convocation comes around, MSU throws this big Homecoming Fiesta for the students and the campus just buzzes with energy and suddenly the university population seems like it increased by 300%. I personally hate big crowds, I just feel like I need to get away. There was battle of the bands, lots of booths around campus, school kids, etc. The campus was just crazy hectic last week but the booths had good food. 

Ice cream that looks like a potted plant !
The dirt looking thing is actually crushed oreos btw haha.

Yogurt on the Met steps with my minions. (Gossip Girl reference haha)


It was mama's 41st birthday yesterday. Still young and beautiful as ever. I love her so much and I hope we managed to make her happy. She deserves only the best. Allah has put her through so much since she was younger and her experiences have made her into the strong, smart and beautiful inside & out woman that she is today. I'm incredibly proud to have her as my mother and my best friend. 

Didn't manage to get a proper photo of us or the family yesterday hahaha

Meal #1
Meal #2 
I ate way too much yesterday, alhamdulillah. It was my first time having dinner at Seoul Garden and I loved it ! I've only tried Japanese barbecue at Gyu-Kaku in Publika, so trying out a Korean one was nice and it was an all you can eat buffet-style too. Came home bloated but happy. Also because I got to Skype with my best friend slash boyfriend. We did the Relationship Tag on Skype, you know just take turns asking questions about each other or our relationship while keeping the scores. And omg, Irfan won 6 - 2. To think that I was the observant one in the relationship ! I was totally proved wrong last night ! Warms my heart to know that my boyfriend pays attention to me though hahahaha. So since I lost, I have to post a photo of him (his choice) on Instagram with a caption he'll write. You'll see later lol. 

Today is clean the house day, and I just finished cleaning my bathroom. I have to vacuum and mop later, and I think do a bit of laundry. Weird but I find cleaning very therapeutic. I'll blog about the Prophet's Advice soon and I'll probably blog tomorrow too. Big day ! I'm accepting my Dean's List award at the ceremony and I still have no idea of what to wear. Sooooo difficult being a girl.

Later alligators. x


  1. Haha ure so cute when u ask ur mom
    To call u kimberly when u small ^^

  2. izza may i know whats the site that you use to watch movies/dramas lol im so noob --"

    1. For the tv shows (that don't have new episodes) I watch I usually download them via Torrents. But if for example Suits, if a new episode comes out I watch it on You can watch movies on too ! I love that site. They don't have all the movies that ever existed though just the newer ones. But I guess that's still better than nothing haha. You can also watch movies without downloading on :)

  3. Thank you kim/izza :))

  4. Not sure if you remember me but I was the one who tegur-ed about your hair the other day. Thought you looked familiar! Hope to see you around campus again. And I like reading your blog posts, keep it up! :)

    1. The one at the staircase in the management building right ? Hahaha. I hope to see you around too, I'm terrible at recalling faces though so please say hi if we bump into each other again ! Didn't know I had anybody on campus who reads my blog except for my friend Lara but thank you so much, InsyaAllah I will xx