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Twins of Faith

I attended the Twins of Faith conference in Putrajaya on the 13th & 14th and it was as expected, an amazing event. The feeling of being at PICC (Putrajaya International Convention Centre) for TOF was like going to the masjid for terawih on the first night of Ramadhan. You know, everyone coming together for the sake of Allah SWT and you just feel happy and excited and peaceful, and everyone around you has the same positive energy as you do, to do good ? It's an awesome feeling. I'm not sure how this post is going to be laid out, but I'll try to simplify what I've learned from the talks to make it as easy to understand as possible. I'll share the favourite things I've learned and also the things I think that will benefit us the most. 

Disclaimer : I'm sorry if there are any errors in this post, forgive me. I write based on what I heard and based on what I wrote in my notebook. If you want proof, like from which hadith this came from, or who said this, or where is this in the Quran. I'm sorry, but I wasn't quick enough to take note of that and I wouldn't want to be giving you the wrong source of reference or information. Everything I share in this blog post is out sincerity. It is to share with anyone who is interested to learn and read about Islam. No intention to "misguide" or anything like that. I'm learning too, and I'm not one to be making up stories about what is what is not in Islam. I've learned a lot from TOF 2012 & 2014. Hence, this is me sharing with you the knowledge I have gained. Take for yourself what is good, and leave what is bad. End Disclaimer. 

The thing I like about international speakers is that they are very straight to the point and they don't waste time rambling on about something for too long. They have balance, and their content is ace. Also, the ones I listen to are always the kind that empowers me to do good instead of just scaring me so I won't do bad. That's the kind of speakers I enjoy listening to. 

My favourite topic will always be about Jannah. It gets me so excited to work hard for it, to make sure that that's where I'm going after Judgement Day. Allah created us to go to Jannah, He created Jannah so perfectly, so beautiful that is beyond our imagination, and He wants us to live there with Him because He loves us. He did not create us to punish us, nor did He create us to enter Jahannam. He created us to worship Him in order to go to Jannah. Jannah should be our ultimate goal. So what is it like in there ? Okay for starters, we're going to live forever. Eternally. Infinity and beyond. Jannah is forever

 "Wearing the finest silk clothing and sitting on chairs made of gold and precious stones? Those who disbelieve in the words of Allah, say that this is all a fairy-tale, made up by a would-be prophet. But we know, that Allah is the Truthful and that His Messenger, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, spoke only what was revealed to from the Most Truthful. And even though Allah describes Paradise for us in the Qur'an, He still says, "So no soul knows the delights of the eyes which is hidden for them; a reward for what they did.

We're all going to be the same age, we're all going to be insanely good looking (beauty of Yusuf, size of Adam), we get everything our hearts desire and more. No more hijabs, no more praying, no more fasting. Everything haram in this world, is halal in the next. (Not sure about killing people though, but I mean like, does anyone really think of killing anybody when they're in heaven ?! Doubt it.) Moving on,  we get to be surrounded by our loved ones and we have our own servants and kingdoms made of gold and silver and pebbles made out of jewels. Men will get beautiful angels, or bidadari in Malay, with the perfect silhouette and the perfect features, who will serve them. They're crazy beautiful that if you were to see their beauty with your own eyes now, you'd die. But wait, what happens to their wives from dunya ? Ah, well, the wives from the dunya will be the princesses of their husband's Paradise, and also the most beautiful one of all. Which is like, the best thing ever. No more jealousy, no more fights, just pure love forever and ever, in Paradise. Like whaaaat, dream come true much ?? You can make love as much as you want, you can have as many kids as you'd like and keep them at whatever age you'd please. Everyone will be extremely satisfied with everything that there won't be any room for anything negative. All you have to do to get anything in Jannah is think. You won't even have time to finish thinking about it and what you wished for is already there, and more. Let's say you're thinking of a car, you haven't even finished thinking about what car and.. BAM you already have 10 different cars laid out in front of you + a helicopter AND a yacht. That. Is. Jannah. Duuuuude, if that's not something to be excited about, you're delusional. 

Fridays will be the best days in Jannah. That's the day everyone gets to meet everyone. You wanna meet the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) ? You got it. What about all his companions, Ali, Usman, Umar ? Why not. You wanna see your pets you've had in the dunya ? There you go. You can even speak to them and they'll actually respond. Cat lovers, do you feel my excitement ? But the biggest blessing of all, even bigger than Jannah itself, is getting to meet Allah SWT. Wow. The Creator of everything, the one you've been worshipping, He will remove his veil and show us what He looks like. In Jannah, you and Allah SWT will always meet, and He will always ask you if there is anything more He could give you, "Is there anything else you need ? Do you need me to increase your wealth ?" even though you've gotten everything and more already. You worship Allah in this dunya, and that is your ultimate reward. There is no greater joy than being able to meet Allah SWT in His true form. We cannot enter Jannah through our deeds alone, because it will never be enough. It is with Allah, The Most Forgiving's mercy that we get to enter. The prophet (SAW) once said “No one’s deeds will ever admit him to Paradise.” They said, “Not even you, O Messenger of Allah?” He said, “No, not even me, unless Allah showers me with His Mercy. So try to be near to perfection. And no one should wish for death; he is either doing good so he will do more of that, or he is doing wrong so he may repent.” 

Allah has one hundred parts of mercy, of which He sent down one between the jinn, mankind, the animals and the insects, by means of which they are compassionate and merciful to one another, and by means of which wild animals are kind to their offspring. And Allah has kept back ninety-nine parts of mercy with which to be merciful to His slaves of the Day of Resurrection.” - (Muslim, al-Tawbah, 6908) 

An Idiot's Guide To Paradise (this was actually the name of one of the workshops at TOF, guys) 
  • Aqidah a.k.a Belief. Make sure the tying of faith is in your heart. 
  • Ilmu. Learn, never stop learning and education your self and seeking knowledge. It is knowledge that builds faith.
  • Amal. What is knowledge if you don't act upon it ? Put it effort. Give. Be compassionate.
  • Be a better human being. Not just better muslims, a better human being
  • Face difficulty with others. Don't just sit around when you can do something about it and help.
  • Follow the sunnah. Not just what the Prophet (SAW) does, but the way he acts and HOW he lives especially. Learn the sunnah. The sunnah isn't just attire, it's the system of life. 
  • Passing information to others, can lead you to Jannah. 

Things that will pull you away from Jannah : - 
  • Tongue - Beware of what you say and always be on guard of your tongue. Everything you say will be accountable in the hereafter. If you have nothing nice or good to say, don't say it. 
  • Eyes - They truly are the windows to the soul. Stop looking at things that are haram. Don't think your eyes (and every other body part) won't be able to speak when we die.
  • Hateful intentions / assumptions towards other human beings. Than includes dengki, envy, unsatisfaction.  Don't ever think anyone is beyond Allah's mercy. 
  • Making life difficult for others when it could be easier. 
  • Bad company. Friends who take you away from Allah. Don't be apologetic if you change your friendship to be away from them. You're doing this for you. 

Now that I've talked about Jannah, I wanna tell you a story about one of Prophet Muhammad's sahabah (companion) named Sa'ad bin Muaz. Sa'ad converted into Islam when he was 31, and died in a war when he was 36. He was someone whose iman was so strong that when he died, Allah's throne shook, and 70 000 angels cried and attended his funeral. When the Prophet (SAW) was carrying Sa'ad's body, he had to tip toe and couldn't walk normally because so many angels were surrounding Sa'ad. As the other sahabah's were throwing dirt on Sa'ad to cover him up in the grave, Prophet Muhammad's (SAW) face suddenly lost colour. As if he's just seen a ghost. One of them asked, "What's wrong ? What did you see ?" and the Prophet (SAW) said that even Sa'ad did not escape the crushing of the grave. Can you imagine that ? This man, whose iman was so strong, who made a lot of people convert into Islam because of him, who died in a battle fighting for Islam, who 70 000 angels cried for when he died, and even his body was crushed in the grave. What about us ? Who keep sinning, and missing prayers, and being hypocrites ? What do you think our fate will be once we are buried 6 feet under ? Our qiyamah begins the moment we die, and that is the very scary truth. 

In the grave, 2 angels Munkar & Nakir, whose figures are black and when they speak it's like thunder and when they blink, it's like lightning. They will ask us questions, the most important ones being "Who is your God" and "What is your religion ?". We shouldn't think that we could answer this in the grave just because we know the answers. It's like, you sitting in class, concentrating and you know what the teacher is teaching and you understand, and out of nowhere the teacher turns around and snaps "You, answer this, this and this" and you tremble because you panic and you can't answer. It's not because you didn't know the answers, but you were shocked. And that's what it's going to be like for us when we are asked in the grave. We're only going to be able to answer this by our amal in this dunya. We must prepare for this reality. We have to struggle in the cause of Allah SWT with blood, sweat, tears and time. We need to give, give and give what we have to others with sincerity. Only then will it be easy for us in the grave. 

I pray that we are all safe from the punishment of the grave. Amin. 

The end of the world is near, so near the Malaikat Israfil doesn't even want to blink in case he misses Allah's order, and his mouth is ever ready to blow the horn already. So before you do anything, think of what you would say when you are standing in front of Allah and he is questioning you. Questioning every single thing you've said and done. 

When I gave you life, what did you do with it ? 
When I gave you health, how did you care for it ? 
When I gave you wealth, how did you spend it ? 
When I gave you knowledge, how did you act upon it ? 
When I gave you the energy you had in your youth, what did you use it for ? 

We need to constantly remind ourselves about akhirat. We need to hide our good deeds, just as we would hide our sins, showing off is already a major sin itself. On the day of judgement, Allah SWT will be really angry, the angriest He's ever been. So angry that He orders to throw 999 people out of 1000 into Jahannam. But then He takes back His order out of his mercy. No sin is bigger than Allah's mercy, but that doesn't mean you should do bad and say you'll repent. Repentance is something that needs to be done constantly. Istighfar. When you do a sin, clear it by doing a good deed immediately. 

 "The one who fears Allah in private with a heart full of regret, remembering his sins before his deeds, people who fear Allah in secret and in the night, for him is forgiveness and a massive reward."

I don't think a lot of us realize how important the 5 obligatory prayers are. Allah SWT did not make it wajib for us to pray to Him, for Him. The prayers are for us. 5 times a day, we stop what we're doing, we take wudu' and we free our minds from this dunya to pray. And it's the most amazing thing because it pulls us right back to where are hearts are supposed to be, and it reminds us of what's truly important. Our religion, and our goal to please Allah in order to enter Jannah. Iblis was cursed to be in Jahannam forever because he refused to sujud / prostrate (not as worship, as a sign of respect) to Nabi Adam when Allah SWT asked him and the angels to. 1 sujud. And he was cursed to be in hell forever. How many sujud(s) have we refused to make ? Think about it.  

Oh and quick reminder ; when someone recites Ayatul Qursi after every obligatory prayer, nothing will stop him from entering Jannah except for death. 

Iblis was among the jinns. Before we inhabited the Earth, jinns were the ones living here. And Iblis was the most obedient and religious one among all the other jinns. It is a fact. Iblis was so obedient that Allah brought him up to Jannah, and that was where the refusal of his prostration to Nabi Adam happened. Iblis is not an angel (malaikat), it is wrong when we call Iblis the "fallen angel" because he's not. Angels will never go against Allah SWT's order, never ever ever. Jinns are like us, we can make choices. And Iblis made the wrong move when he refused to prostrate. Iblis had too much pride and arrogance in him because he was the most obedient one among his race. And this is a trait a lot of us have too. Your obedience to Allah SWT should never lead to arrogance when it should actually be making you humble. You praying 5 times a day shouldn't make you arrogant by thinking less of those who don't. Always remember that. 

I learned a lot about the beings we can't see yet (Dajjal, Ya'jooj & Ma'jooj, signs of Qiyamah) and as much as I'd like to include them in this blog post, I wont. Most of what I've learnt, you can find here though : Click Here

Please take your time to read it, or at least bookmark it so you can read it in the near future. There's so much we don't know, and I think it serves as a good reminder of what's coming to us. 

We all go through our own personal hardships. Family problems, financial problems, relationship problems, even. But always remember that the more Allah SWT tests you, the more He loves you. When you are tested, that's when you become a better person and improve. Allah SWT loves you the most if He tests you the most and Allah tests you for you to go back to Him. Half of Islam is sabr (patience), and we should always be in that sabr state when we are tested, for with every hardship, double the ease will come your way. 


Ibn Qayyim (May Allah have mercy on him) said that ;
there are ten things that bring about the love of Allah.

  1. Recitation of the Qur’an with reflection and with understanding of its meanings.
  2. Seeking closeness to Allah by performing voluntary deeds after having performed obligatory ones, for that leads one to the highest levels of love.
  3. Remembering Allah during every situation – with one’s time, heart and deeds, one’s share of that love is to the degree of one’s share in that remembrance.
  4. Preferring what He loves to what you love when your desires are strong.
  5. Allowing your heart to reflect on His Names and Attributes.
  6. Reflecting on His many favors and blessings, both the apparent ones and hidden ones, for that leads to His love.
  7. Having your heart softened as it is worshipping Allah.
  8. Being alone with Him in worship when He descends during the last third of the night. And this means to invoke Him, to recite His Speech, to stand with all sincerity and with good manners and with good submission, and then to end that with repentance and with seeking His forgiveness.
  9. Sitting with those who are truthful in their love of Allah.
  10. Staying away from all that creates barriers between the heart and Allah.

We say we love Islam, but are we acting like muslims ? We say we love Allah, but are we listening to his commands ? We say we live by the guidance of the Quran, but have we ever even read it in a language that we could understand ? These are very simple questions to the claims we make about ourselves. Islam may be the religion you were born into, but are you going to die as a true muslim ? 

I hope this post was beneficial to you in one way or another. Even though it was all over the place and I jump from one topic to another in such a messy manner haha. Again, I'm sorry if there are any errors or slight spelling / grammatical mistakes, but please accept what I shared with you in this post with an open heart. You may share it with others, or copy whatever I may have said and tweet or anything, I don't mind. Spreading and passing information to others can lead us to Jannah !

May Allah bring us closer to Him, and bless & protect us in this world and the next with His mercy. Amin. Jazakumullahu Khyran. 

More photos from TOF 2014 : - 

My mum drew her notes instead of writing them. Hahaha.


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