Sunday, 9 November 2014

Lunch x Park

Inappropriate footwear to the park for the win. 
I passed out after watching the Liverpool v Chelsea match last night (Chelsea won, btw) or else this post would have been up sooner. But anyway, I had a really good day with my friends. We didn't plan on seeing each other but Hanis suddenly asked if any of us were free since her mum said she could go out that day hence our lunch date and impromptu visit to Kiara park. Hanis picked me up and brought her super adorable but naughty little sister Dahlia along. The whole car ride Dahlia was either pulling our hair our hitting us with an umbrella if she wasn't talking to herself or about her toy pony. I have proof. 

Hanis and I really wanted to try out A Pie Thing at uptown Damansara but when we got there the sign said that they'll only open at 4 and it was just 2 something when we were there. So we drove to TTDI and told Mars to meet us at The Grumpy Cyclist and guess what ? It was closed too. I called Mars and she was laughing and then we came to a decision to meet at Wood & Steel. Thank God it wasn't closed, or else I swear my next option would have been Jasima for maggi goreng.  I had the beef burger + fries and the Betty Boop cooler, both were really good. The brown sauce dip that came with the seasoned fries and burger was yum and my strawberry drink complimented my meal perfectly. I would have taken a photo of our food at W&S but I was too hungry to even think of that haha. It was nice catching up with Mars and Hanis over lunch, I wished the others could have joined us too. Can't tell you how much I miss all of us together. 

Mars is currently working on a project for her Human Comm. video assignment so she wanted to film us individually telling her 3 - 5 things we love about ourselves. Which was so hard for me ! I didn't know what I love about myself, I realised I've never given much thought into that. It's extremely easy for me to say what I love about other people, but when it comes to myself I really had to think. That led us to going to Kiara Park so she could record us there. Three of us definitely weren't dressed for the park, none of our shoes were grass or dirt-friendly. Especially Hanis, since she was wearing white from top to toe except for the flannel she tied around her waist and her neon yellow sling bag. We sat down at a bench near the playground so Dahlia could play while we waited for Aina. When Aina came, Dahlia came back to us too and she had those little prickly grass thorns that get stuck on your clothing all over and under her dress. I wish I knew the name of it but yea. The 4 of us were trying to get all of them out hahaha. 

I could see us being mothers already. 

Mars started recording us after that, including Dahlia. Aina and I had such a tough time, and God we are so awkward in front of the camera it's ridiculous. It was easy for Hanis. 

Spot Dahlia chasing Aina in the background.

Photos credits to Mars and her camera !

That was basically my Saturday summed up in a post. I'm glad I got to see them before I start classes in uni again. Definitely a good end to my semester break. I have class at 8 tomorrow and I'm really happy with my class schedule this semester, I only have classes from Monday to Thursday and I'm done by 1 or 2 except for Tuesday, that's the only day I finish at 6. I could still work the evening shift as a part timer at Subway if I wanted to, and I kind of want to but I'm still thinking about it. We'll see how tired I get. I'm also super duper excited to see Aina tomorrow on campus, I have my best friend in the same uni as I am and having one of them near me makes me feel closer to all of them somehow.  

Back to books and assignments starting tomorrow but I'm pretty sure this blog will still be updated regularly, at least once a week. I didn't think anyone read my blog but my page views and live traffic feed have been proving me otherwise so if you're reading this, hi ! Haha. Okay, I should really get my shit (stationery) sorted out and get some sleep. xo


  1. What did u and hanis say about the things you love about yourself? Always envy of hanis confidence. Sorry for stalking!

    1. I honestly can't remember.. But yeah, I'm assuming you know Hanis if you know she's confident. Try asking her, maybe she remembers haha

  2. Izza, there are pictures of you not wearing tudung here.

    P/s ; not trying to hurt or embarass you or anything im so sorry. Just thought you forget or anything. Its totally up to you & dont have to approve this cmnt pun. Im sorry

    1. Thank you for the reminder ! Its okay, don't be sorry I understand your niat is good haha. I want to delete these posts but I just can't get myself to do it now yet, because I sayang.. and I doubt people / boys even come and read my old posts, let alone visit my blog so yeah. I do hope to delete them soon, but not until I figure out a way to like make certain posts private without me having to delete them haha. Thanks again for the reminder. x