Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Love Me Harder

The title of this post has nothing to do with anything I'm about to blog about except for the fact that it's the name of my current song obsession. I have this love-hate relationship with Ariana Grande, it's like one second I think she's amazing and then the next second an annoying song like Bang Bang / Problem comes out and I'm just like.. da fuq. But yes, I am loving Love Me Harder. Plus Abel Tesfaye's (Stage name : The Weeknd) voice is like melted chocolate in the form of sound. 
Okay, so my last post was kind of out-of-nowhere-omg-what's-going-on, but everything's okay ! I survived the next 24 hours hahaha. More on that later.  So the whole of last week, I was working the closing shift ; which means I have to be in by 3PM and I work til around 11.30PM. 31st of October was the day I worked two jobs in a day, call me crazy. From 8.30AM til 3PM, I was working at Baskin Robbins. And from 3PM to almost midnight, I was working at Subway. 

Snapchat screenshots
It was so tiring but I had a lot of fun. I forgot how much I've missed working in an ice-cream shop, the familiarity and vibe of the 31st rush was nice. The regular customers I used to serve at Baskin Robbins recognised me, I missed secretly tasting the ice-cream myself using the taster spoons, and God I even missed having that obnoxious shade of pink uniform on me. It was what I wore the first time Irfan saw me in person anyway, and even in that he thought I was beautiful. Which is crazy because I look like a walking pink highlighter haha. It's surprising how good I still was at describing and recommending flavours to people, felt like such an expert lol. I was busy taking orders when I realised it was 3PM already. I rushed to the toilet to change into my Subway shirt and when I walked in to get my bag and say bye to everybody, all the customers looked confused hahaha. A lady even asked me with a concerned look on her face "You work two jobs.. ?" the dramatic liar side of me would have probably gone with "No, 4 actually. I work at Secret Recipe and Jaya Grocer too." hahaha but nah. I told her it was only for that day since 31st is a very busy day for BR and I couldn't take leave for Subway since I took the day off a few days before that. I had to walk to get to Subway and then it started raining heavily, so heavy that my umbrella won't even be able to save me. There I was, just staring at the sky in front of the BR entrance with the You've-got-to-be-kidding me expression plastered on my face when a customer I served 15 minutes ago came up to me and said that she wants to give me a ride. I couldn't have been more thankful, she dropped me off and I said goodbye to her with a "enjoy your ice-cream" at the end of my sentence. Which I thought was hilarious because I was in my Subway uniform haha.

The next day, I was tired as hell. I didn't have to wake up early since my shift starts at 3 but my parents (still not used to using that word) and Zicky were off to Prince Hotel since Uncle E got a free room for the weekend. That meant mama leaving the car and it was going to be my first time ever driving her car by myself. Heck it was going to be the first time I drive alone. Fullstop. On the road I was fine, there were a lot of cars since it was a Saturday. I drove in front of Subway and there wasn't a parking spot, so I had to make a turn at a dead end shaped like a U. It would have been fine if there wasn't a car parking at the turning but there was.. and I wasn't used to driving my mum's wide car.. and I couldn't really estimate, so as I was turning.. I hit the car. Fuck. It wasn't that hard, but there were scratches. Fuck fuck fuck. The car was parked, there wasn't anyone in the car and nobody saw me. But omg, I was so scared. I drove away and parked in front of a shop probably 20 metres away and my heart was beating so fast. Moment of truth, I had to check mama's car to see if I did any damage. And shit..... something came off from the little light at the edge of car and the paint on the side that I hit was chipped. Mama is going to kill me. Oh my God. This car isn't even a year old yet.

I pulled myself together and drove back to Subway, this time there was a parking spot right in between Subway and a car workshop. I parked and I looked at the car I hit again, and panicked. I saw my juniors sitting outside of Subway and I told them to tell me if they saw the car owner, I could have just "hit and run" but no. I wasn't going to be able to live with myself if I did that, the guilt was just going to eat me up. I worked and then from inside Subway I saw a group of ladies at the car I hit. The noticed the scratches and they were looking around. It took all of me to walk up to them. How do you tell someone that you hit their car ??? I could tell that the car was new, it was still shiny and the plate number was new too. Two alphabets, digits, alphabets. But I did, I went up to them and said that it was an accident that I hit the car and that I'll pay for the damage I've done. (There goes my salary. Sigh). I told them how it happened, the lady who owns the car looked stressed but she wasn't angry. I expected her to yell at me, really. But she was calm. I was so scared. This was her husband's car and she has to go home explaining that this 18 year old girl hit his car by accident. I felt terrible.

The lady took photos of my car, and my IC and license (which I thought she shouldn't have. Nobody has the authority to do that unless they're the police or something). I gave her my number and she gave me hers, and I told her to call or text me whatever the amount and that I'll pay her back for the damage. They drove off and I came back in Subway still feeling scared. But I did the right thing, I told them I was responsible. If the situation was vice versa and it was my car that was hit, I would have appreciated the person who admitted his/her fault and not just run away. Karma is real. If somebody hit my car and ran away, I'd be pissed.

I found the silver ring that came off from one of my car's lights, and I asked the guy from workshop if they could glue it back for me, but he told me that the thing broke so they can't do it. He asked me how that happened and I told them the whole story, I think he sympathised me that he offered to help me polish the scratches on my mum's car so it wouldn't look so bad. I told him I'll pay for the polish but he said it was free of charge, he just wanted to help. Humanity is still alive. There are still a lot of kind people in this world, you just meet them at the most unexpected places. Again, I found myself being grateful for another stranger. Do good, and you get good in return.

I drove back home that night, still paranoid. What if I hit something else this time ? What if I'm too panicky to drive home ? The road was pretty empty. 11.40PM, BJ (Bukit Jelutong) is pretty much asleep. So the drive home wasn't a problem. The only person I told was Jiha, she's my neighbour and my best friend and she's also one the people I'm extremely grateful for to have in my life, Jiha made me feel better, I appreciate her so much for being there for me. The day was done, I blogged that worrisome post of mine and I went to sleep that night scared of what is going to happen the next day. My parents were coming home and I needed to tell them.

The next morning, I woke up feeling bad and scared. My parents were coming home in a couple of hours, how was I going to tell mama ? Sigh. When they got home, nobody noticed anything. Mama had to use the car that evening so she had to send me to work, before we got in the car I told her what happened and showed her the scratches. She looked disappointed and sad, and I was really expecting a "That's it, you are never driving my car ever again. You're so careless, and you never think or try to estimate etc etc" but no, I got none of that. Mama just asked me what happened to the other car and that at least it was a really small accident and that I was okay. She sort of expected that I would scratch the car a little bit in some way. I said sorry so many times, and again I felt terrible but also like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It was such a relief to tell my mum. When she dropped me off and I hugged her and said I was sorry again, she said it's okay and that she loves me. I was surprised at how cool she is about this. Like I said ; my mum is the most understanding when I least expect her to be. I am so grateful to have mama. She is the biggest blessing in my life.

On Monday, I was back to opening shift. It was a normal day at work, and in the afternoon I texted the lady. I asked if she checked her car already and to tell me how much I owe her since I just got my pay. I also said sorry again. She replied me half an hour later, and she told me she is going to the workshop sometime around this week and that she'll inform me if anything. While I was reading her reply, she sent me "No worries ok" and I don't know why, but that made me feel a lot better. The last thing I want is to have a stranger be angry at me.

This week is my last week of work before I start uni again on Monday. Kinda excited but kinda dreading it at the same time. Mama and Uncle E went off to Bali this afternoon, so I drove to work in the morning (reverse parked, aced it), and I also sent / picked Zicky up to and from music class at night, so that was an accomplishment ! They're only coming back on Saturday evening which means I have to drive everyday until then. This is good practice.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Expect a post soon about makeup !


  1. Izza, what's the specific question the manager ask you during your interview?

    1. Why I wanna work, how long can I work for, have I worked before. That was pretty much it !