Thursday, 6 November 2014

Let's Talk : Make Up

I have a feeling this post is going to be something girls are going to get excited about, because I know I love reading about make up, almost just as much as watching videos about make up on YouTube. So a couple weeks ago when my was still up, I had a few people (I'm assuming, girls ? haha ) ask me about what I use on my face everyday and what make up I use and how I use them and everything so I guess it's about time that I stop procrastinating and start blogging about it, as promised ! I really like make up, but I am by no means an expert. Though I think I do have good knowledge about make up due to probably the hundreds.. of beauty videos I watch on YouTube. 
Before I start, some beauty YouTubers that I love watching are : 
That list is in no particular order but my top 5 would probably be Essie Button, Amelia Liana, Kathleen Lights, Jackie Wyers and Michelle Phan. The rest are great too, but I find that I like watching them the most, and I learn a lot about make up from their channels. 

Now, I don't wear make up everyday. I think probably once in two weeks depending on where I'm going. For the past month I've been working 6 days a week so I don't usually go out and I go to work barefaced except for moisturiser, lip balm and occasionally a little bit of concealer on a blemish I have on my face. The products I use are the ones that can be found in pharmacies. I think they're good enough and they don't burn a hole in my wallet. For moisturiser, currently I'm using Olay's White Radiance SPF 24. I loooove it, I've gone through two tubs of it already. I used to use the Garnier one on my face and I thought that one was good but then I started using the Olay one and it's so much better. It's not sticky, it has higher SPF and my face does feel smoother and softer. Facial wash, I am currently using Clean & Clear's Fruit Essentials facial cleanser in Energizing Berry. The texture feels like hand soap and it smells like strawberries and it's not giving any problems to my face but I think I'm going to try something new once I finish this one. 

On days where I have class and don't necessarily need to do my face up completely, technically my "lazy + I'm late but I need to look decent" face routine is after moisturiser, I fill in my brows a little bit with SilkyGirl's Natural Brow Pencil in 02 Dark Brown. Rule of thumb is that if you're dark haired, your eye brow pencil should be one or two shades lighter. I have naturally dark, thick brows so they don't need much work, luckily. So after my brows are done, I use my finger and just go over them with Vaseline so they stay put. Next, I use my Revlon ColorStay concealer in Light Medium to conceal a couple of blemishes I might have. And then I curl my lashes and use Revlon's Lash Potion on my lashes. Last but not least, I finish off with my Bloom lipbalm by Maybelline. Affordable everyday make up from the pharmacy haha. 

For days I do up my whole face properly, like on my mother's wedding day. The products I use after my moisturiser are : 

  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation in shade 52 Vanilla 
My best friend Hanis recommended this foundation to me and it's really really nice. It's not liquid-y so it doesn't run down your face when you dab it all over your face. It's gel based so it kinda feels like moisturiser. Super easy to blend and it feels like you've got nothing on your face.

  • Revlon ColorStay Concealer in shade Light Medium
Self explanatory. My first concealer ever, and you'd think a tube of this wouldn't last long but I've had mine for months and there's still a lot in the container.

  • SilkyGirl Natural Brow Pencil in 02 Dark Brown + Vaseline 
Cheap and effective, that brow pencil. And to make it last, I rub vaseline over it.

  • Elf HD Cream Blush in Headliner or Sephora blush from the So Re Belle palette 
The first time I used the Elf HD cream blush, it went very very wrong. I kind of pumped out too much and it went all over the place. You need just a dot of this on each side of your cheek and blend. It'll give you that natural flush of colour on your cheeks.

  • SilkyGirl Precision Liner in Black or Perfect Stay 20hr Eyeliner in 02 Dark Brown
Not the best liners. But I'm probably too broke to get a nicer eyeliner now haha. But the Perfect Stay liner is good for smudging out. I am horrible at putting eyeliner on, somedays I just get super lucky but on days where I'm not. I usually line my eyes and then take a cotton bud to smudge it out to give it kind of a smoky look instead of a perfect line.

  • The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter 
The best thing ever. It's pricey but a little bit goes a long way so I know it's gonna last me a long time. It gives you this iridescent shimmer that makes you look all glowy and nice, ahh it's perfection. I even use this as eye shadow when I need a bit of shimmer, and it works beautifully. But most of the time, I use it on the high points of my face where the light would naturally hit, like my cheek bones, the bridge of my nose. Also as an inner corner highlight and for under the brow bone.

  • MAC Eternal Sun Bronzer 
It's actually a blush but I use it to bronze / contour my face a bit. The colour payoff is a bit orange if used too much. A bronzer I really want is the Chocolate De Soleil by Too Faced and Delice de Poudre bronzer by Bourjois.

  • MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Plus 
I use it as an all over face powder. Swirl it with a fluffy brush and I just go over my face with that quickly to set my make up.

  • Nudes Eyeshadow TrioElf's Little Black Beauty Book ; Warm Edition
The eyeshadow trio was a gift from Sha. Perfect on-the-go eyeshadow for subtle definition on the eyelids + the matte brown in that is good for the brows too if applied with an angled brush. The Little Black Beauty Book is amaaaazing. There are matte shades and shimmery shades and extra shimmery shades and all in the colours I love. Browns, golds, champagnes, a few purples, greens and blues for versatility. I rarely use eyeshadows, but when I do these are definitely the colours I would go for. Freaking love this gift from Hanis, it's compact so it's easy to bring anywhere too.

  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme in shade 510 Berry Rich (My all time go-to lipstick)
I have a lot of lip products (over 10 lip balms, a lot of lip sticks) but this one is always the one I go to. Its a nice shade of in between pink and red but more on the pink side. And I don't know, I just love it on my lips. It goes well with the colour of my skin. I also have this dark red lipstick from Topshop that I adore but never dare to wear out yet haha.

  • Revlon Lash Potion ; Waterproof Mascara
Love-hate relationship with this one. Some days it works amazingly on my lashes, some days it clumps. But one thing for sure is it's pretty tough to take off. Even after make up wipes (that can remove waterproof mascara) and an oil based make up remover, I still find bits of it left on my lashes the next morning I wash my face. But it does hold the curl of my lashes well and it does give the length and volume. It doesn't make it look spidery, just longer with more volume. 

Tools I use : 
  • Foundation : Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (full coverage) / Miracle Complexion Sponge (Light - Medium coverage)
  • Concealer : Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush 
  • Highlighter : Real Techniques Setting Brush
  • Blush / Bronzer : Real Techniques Buffing Brush
  • Powder : Real Techniques Multi-Task Brush
  • Eyeshadow : Real Techniques Essential Crease Brush / Flat shader brush from some random brush set I got as a gift
  • Eyelash Curler from Watsons 

What I use to clean my face from make up :
  • Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes 
  • SilkyGirl Gentle Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

My make up is easy, natural, hassle-free and most of them ; very budget friendly. I am very content with the makeup I currently use, they get the job done and I get the natural, polished, glowy look I want and love. I highly recommend buying make up brushes if you don't already have some, they make makeup application flawless and super easy. But don't get me wrong, it's possible to get your face done with just your hands, trust me. I've done my makeup just by using my hands ; Prom, UNMC Ball, Mateen's Mum's Company Gala Dinner. And all of them turned out great haha. I would put up photos but, all of them were me in strapless dresses and I've stopped wearing revealing clothes since July and I don't plan on wearing anything like that out in public anymore. Anyway, I never wore make up until after SPM, or more like since prom. I started buying my own makeup probably, around June this year. Before this I just used my mum's haha. 

I die every time I step into Sephora / beauty section of department stores because I want sooooo many things but everything is crazy expensive it makes me sad. Buuuut here's a list of my current wants (more like needs, really) :
  • Too Faced Natural Eyes palette
  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette
  • Benefit Porefessional 
  • Benefit Gimme Brow
  • Stila Stay All Day eyeliner
  • NARS Blushes in Deep Throat, Orgasm and Super Orgasm (I know their names are disturbing af)
  • MAC Whirl Lip Liner
  • MAC Brick-O-La Lipstick
  • MAC Brave Lipstick
  • SUGAR lip treatment / balm
  • Benefit cream shadow in RSVP
  • Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten
  • MAC Brushes : Blending brush 217, Angled Brush 266
  • YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks
  • Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks (Bond Girl, Amazing Grace, Love Liberty and Walk of Shame)
My make up collection is bound to grow and I'm always on the lookout for products to try.
What are some of your favourite slash holy grail make up / skin care ? I'd love to know.
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  1. Just found your blog and I loveeee it!! Keep posting!

    1. Thank youu ! I took the liberty of visiting your blog too and I love the way you write, looking forward to reading more of your posts ! x

  2. Hi izza. Can you teach how you fill in you brow uusing the silky girl brow pencil tu pls

    1. I make sure it's sharp then I lightly use my hand and fill them in. But nowadays I dah tak guna sangat, cause I'm too lazy and my brows look almost the same with or without the pencil. Haha. I think YouTube banyak tutorial, just search for 'How To Fill in Your brows' or something like that.

  3. Hey Izza, can you help me? Im a super dummy idk anything about make up but i think its time for me to learn about it and practise it considering my age now. Can you like suggest me basic make up brushes and eye shadow sets? Like student friendly on price. Was thinking of getting the real techniques brushes for foundation, concealer, blush, powder and eyeshadow but idk which set to get? Cause buying em individually would cost me more right...

    1. Hi ! For make up application, I suggest you to get the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge or Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, I love the both of them for foundation but personally I use the sponge a lot more because it makes foundation look flawless. And get the Real Techniques Travel Essentials set, you get one multi-task brush (great for powder), one pointed foundation brush (great for concealer) and one domed shadow brush (good for blending out eyeshadow).

      The core collection (face brushes) / starter set (eye make up brushes) are good too but if you're just starting out you don't really need a lot of them yet so yeah. the ones I recommended are pretty much all you ever need :) As for eyeshadow sets, I don't have many myself but good and really affordable ones are from the brand ELF. They're definitely budget friendly. Go to @popandsoap, they sell all the RT brushes and they take orders for ELF products too ! Hope I helped x

  4. Izza, can you do an update makeup routine, products tools post anyime soon? Hehe

    1. InsyaAllah, I will soon after I finish my finals next week ! Been wanting to blog since last week, but sooo busy. Thanks for the suggestion !

  5. Yay cant wait!! Goodluck for your finals, Izza!! 💕

  6. izza! where do i get the real techniques brushes in malaysia and the blending sponge as well ?

  7. Hi izza, would like to ask how do you clean your brushes and rt sponge?

    1. Hi ! I use Johnson's baby shampoo and just clean with that haha. It works and its so much cheaper than buying makeup brush / sponge cleansers.