Friday, 21 November 2014

I Can't See

Visited Asifa at DEMC 
I was visually impaired for 24 hours on Monday. Worst experience of my life hahaha. Everyone's faces near or far was blurry to me, I couldn't read anything, anything on the screen on my phone was impossible to see. I felt like I was blind. Smh. The story behind that was, I went for an eye check up last week but then I had to go again last Monday cause the test results kept fluctuating since my eyes couldn't really stabilise themselves, and to fix that they had to put in these eyedrops from hell that stung my eyes a little bit after every drop (3 drops on each eye), and next thing you know ; I CAN'T SEE. The world was becoming blurry and I couldn't see shit. What the eyedrops did was to enlarge and clarify my pupil a bit so they could observe it better and to blur out my vision so they could run tests on me and the results wouldn't fluctuate + I'll get the ideal power amount for my eyes. It didn't sound so bad when the optometrist explained to me but God damn, I wouldn't wanna go through that again. I am so grateful to have the vision I have now. 

After my eye check up that Monday, I had to walk to Hana's at Menara U. God knows how I crossed the road, thankfully there were hardly any cars. The sun was shining so brightly, and the eyedrops were making my eyes extra sensitive to the glare. It was bad enough I couldn't see, but then I had to squint my eyes like crazy cause the light was hurting my eyes. Ugh, it was horrible. I waited for my friends at the lobby and then we made our way to DEMC to visit Asifa. Asifa was diagnosed with Dengue Fever and she was admitted to the hospital. The girls you see in the photo above are the girls I'm with 90% of the time in MSU. From left ; Isha, Iqa, Miza, Asifa and Hana. They had to hold my hand and make sure I don't trip on anything the whole way we had to walk in the hospital it was so funny, and Hana had to read my texts to me out loud so I could reply because people were texting and I really, really couldn't see anything on my screen. She also had to proof-read what I typed to check if my replies were even making sense haha. After the short visit to the hospital, Iqa, Hana and I had lunch. Of course, Hana had to read to me the menu out loud and scan through my Nasi Goreng Kampung for any bits of cili padi for me. True friend, man.  I slept early that night because I couldn't see or do anything, and when I woke up the next day, my eyesight got better. Things were still kind of blurry but I could finally see my phone screen again. I might be getting my glasses today, or Monday. Turns out my eyesight does have some problems to it, nothing too extreme. I think it's 100 on my right eye and 75 on the left. And I have 50 and 25 for glare on my right and left eye too. Lol Izza with glasses. 

Second semester is gettin' real. I have an individual presentation on Job Analysis next week, and other projects / assignments due the first couple of weeks of December. I'm pushing myself to do all of them ASAP so I won't leave them til the last minute and panic, like I usually do. Hana's place is back to being my second home, and her 5 other housemates have gotten so used to me being there already it's funny haha. 

I followed my mum to work last Friday and I did get a few things. There were a few things I wanted in Topshop and Zara but I refrained from getting them because if I did I'd be overspending and I really need to save up for more important things. And on Sunday, I went out with Irfan. I haven't seen him in about 3 weeks so it was good to finally see my most favourite person in the world.  

16/09/14 / DCXXV

Anyway, I'm working this weekend and I'm pretty excited for that. I really really miss working at Subway. Always a lot of fun. My family and friends are telling me I'm turning into a workaholic, but better a workaholic than someone who doesn't even want to work at all right ?? 

Big news : I'm planning to sell my clothes on my blog ! I've already put some clothes aside and I'll be taking photos of them later. Some of them are still brand new too, and most of them are my favourites so it's taking all of me to let those pieces go, but I must. I'm in the midst of reinventing or changing my wardrobe. As a lot of you may have noticed, I don't wear anything sleeveless or shorter than my ankles for months now. Hence, a lot of my dresses and tops have been untouched since then. I sold a lot of them at the Pop & Soap bazaar back in June but I still have pleeeenntttyyy more to let go. So keep checking my blog for updates, I'll most probably have the post up by next week. 


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