Saturday, 29 November 2014

Busy Bee

Help. Assignments / Projects are taking over my life. My schedule has been hectic this whole week, I'm just counting the days to the next public holiday so I could take a break. Monday was especially crazy. I'm calling it Adventure Time with Izza & Friends. After our class ended at 10, I got my glasses from the eye centre and we made our way to KL in Isha's car. It was 6 of us girls in the car, in our formal attire, ready to interview our first company together for our Elementary Accounting project. It was exciting. By the time we got there, it was only 11.30AM, and our interview appointment was set at 2.30PM. We were early as heck, but better early than late. So we drove to the nearest mall we could find to have brunch, and it was Aeon. I don't know why but everything jut seems a lot more interesting when I'm with my friends, it was always "eh tengok ni" or "you guys lets go into this shop" the whole time we were there. We had lunch and roamed around the mall until about 2PM, and by the time we were in front of the office, we still had about half an hour to kill, so we waited in the car.Throughout the whole car ride, Iqa and I were the ones going crazy over every song that played, we were singing dramatically (bad) at the back seat followed by fits of laughter I don't know how my other friends were enduring us. The funniest part was definitely when Kiss Me Thru The Phone came on and both Iqa and I were rapping to all the words and singing cause we knew the song by heart. And when Taylor Swift's Blank Space came on, we were screaming like helllll. 


The interview went well, it wasn't as intimidating as I thought it would be. After that, we went to visit Isha's mum's wedding boutique and then left for Shah Alam around 4.15. It was raining heavily, and the traffic jam was really really bad. It wasn't moving at one point and we were running out of fuel, we were so scared the car engine was just going to stop. In an attempt to save fuel, we switched off the a/c and rolled down the windows a little bit for air, it was still raining quite heavily, so you could imagine. Plus, Iqa, Miza and I needed to pee like so badly. I was on the verge of crying because I was that desperate to pee. I did everything to distract myself, sing, think about other things, look at  photos, but nothing worked. And the pitter patter of the rain hitting on the car and the drops of water running down the windows one by one didn't make my pee situation any better. I couldn't take it anymore, and when the jam was moving a little bit and more road options were available for us I quickly Wazed us to the nearest petrol station so I could be and Isha could refuel the car. I have never been so happy to see a petrol station my entire life. After that, we Wazed our way back to MSU, and Waze gave us wrong directions about Idk, 4 times ?????? We used Google maps too and that led us the wrong way twice. We were lost in this housing area in PJ and when we finally got out we were on the opposite direction of where we're supposed to be heading. God damn. By then it was around 7 something PM already. After lots of road trial and errors we made it back on the highway, still with bad traffic conditions. But at least we were near, sort of. We reached MSU around 8.30PM, crazy. 

Thank God, the next day my class was at 10 instead of the usual 8. And plus I got to meet up with my best friend Aina and just talk over Hot & Roll. I have the most classes on Tuesday, so by the time I got home I was already really tired. But I couldn't just plop on my bed and sleep, I still had a presentation to prepare. So I stayed up until 1 for that and woke up at 5.30 the next morning to finish it. And I killed it, my individual presentation went well, and it helped that I was given a pretty easy topic compared to the others. On Thursday, I had my Quantitive Techniques assignment, we did that during our 2 hour class and I had Isha as my group partner so we managed to finish that with extra time to spare. I also met up with Adlina, a girl who bought one of the tops I was selling in my Shop My Closet post. Such a sweet girl and she only had the nicest things to say to me about my blog and everything and I hope I didn't come off as weird or awkward to her hahaha. 

Yesterday was pretty much my chill but sort of productive day. I woke up pretty late than my usual 6AM. I binge watched Gossip Girl, started on my Accounting project report and my Organisational Behaviour assignment. And also, my mixed crepe dUCk scarf came in the mail !! The packaging is beautiful, it feels so luxurious to even just hold it in my hand, and the quality and feel of the scarf is amazing. I have always wanted one of the dUCk scarves ever since they launched, they looked amazing and okay fine, maybe I just wanted to have it because Vivy Yusof is dUCk Scarves' biggest fan and its pretty much the brand of tudungs she wears 90% of the time. I bought mine in the colour Toffee Pudding, sort of a medium creamy brown colour that I could picture myself wearing a lot. I MEAN LOOK AT HER, AND LOOK AT THE COLOUR. Let's just hope I'll look half as good as Vivy does in her Toffee Pudding dUCk okay. I sound like a creepy fan girl but whatever man.

Photo credits to @vivyyusof and @duckscarves on Instagram.
Isn't the colour beautiful ?! Also, Vivy looks amazing as usual and if anyone knows how she wears her tudung please teach me how. And if anyone's wondering, the material of the mixed crepe is sort of like a less slippery chiffon, sort of textured I might say. And it's not see thru so you wouldn't have to worry about your neck showing. dUCk is so so expensive but once in a while I think I deserve a little bit of luxury in my life. I also bought a plain black TudungPeople shawl (recommended by my beautiful cousins) from their NUMA Luxe collection that I absolutely adore. But the colours I want besides black are always sold out in the medium size and it's not faaaair. I bought mine from FashionValet though and not their website, cause FV ships via PosLaju for free and I got discounts hehe. Oh and the NUMA Luxe shawl isn't see through too, I've been looking for a black chiffon shawl that isn't see through and I found it ! The price is sort of pricey too (but half the price of dUCk), but it's okay. I'll use these a lot very, very soon enough.

Zicky, my brother when he saw my current tudung collection.

Z : Whoa, I bet you dah spend hundreds on all of these. 
Me : Yeah but I don't keep track of how much but its ok. It's my investment to go to Jannah. 

He had the wtf look on his face when I said it and I probably looked like I wanted to get slapped because I was laughing after I finished the sentence but oh well hahaha. I'm excited for 2015 to come, I feel like I'm so done with 2014 already though it has been a pretty amazing year. 

Well, I didn't do much today since I just lazed around the house, ate McDonald's and watched GG / YouTube videos but I guess it's about time that I continue with my assignments and what not. University is draining the life outta me. I haven't even watched Mockingjay :( I thought of watching it tomorrow but I just remembered that I'm going to have lunch with my step-family since its my step-grandma's birthday and after that hopefully I'll meet up with my SuDu girls in TTDI for tea. My best friend Hanis, owner of @popandsoap on Instagram will have a booth opened up tomorrow at Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, TTDI Damansara, Beside Mukha cafe. So if you're around there, go and drop by her booth. She sells Real Techniques brushes cheaper than a lot of other Instagram shops. 

Later alligators. x


  1. May i ask u something, how much is the fee for msu? Is it expensive

    1. Hi, it really depends on the course you take and what your definition of expensive is. It is expensive for me, but it's one of the cheapest private universities around compared to Taylor's, HELP or Sunway. I think you can check the fees on their website, or you can call them straight and ask :)

  2. Like you, you get scholarahip and pay half or you pay full x

    1. No I didn't do well enough to get a scholarship through my SPM results, but if I maintain my GPA for 3 semesters straight I can get a scholarship from MSU called The President's Award or something like that, so that's what I'm doing. Hopefully I'll get it !

  3. okay im obviously stalking you..but investment to jannah? ahhaha good puns you got there! and congrats on your hijab journey Izza :)