Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Wednesday Ramblings

Can't believe I'm saying this but I can't wait to start studying again. I feel.. brain dead. And I'm going to start seeing Aina around campus when I come back in so that's definitely something I look forward to. But damn the subjects I have to take next semester. Elementary Accounting.. Quantitative Techniques... Err ? The other two subjects I have to take don't seem too bad because I think they're more to understanding / reading subjects, which I love.

I deactivated my Twitter account last week but then reactivated again when I realised Twitter is usually my source of news and *some* general knowledge. And also to keep up with my boyfriend and his "Did you read the article I retweeted ?". The last time he asked me that I said no because I deleted my Twitter account and he told me to reactivate right away. I got tired of reading everyone's tweets, and to be frank I don't really care.. about anything anyone's tweeting about anymore. I don't care about where you are, I don't care if you thought this movie was great or if you had a great night out. I want to be able to speak to people without them telling me about something I've seen them tweet about. Oh you watched Love, Rosie ? How was it ? .. Wait nevermind. I saw your tweet. I hate that. I hate that when someone tells me something and I already know because I read their tweets. So, I unfollowed everyone, and I deleted all of my tweets and decided that my use for Twitter is only for interesting articles or news or quotes and reminders. And this way, I'm actually able to ask somebody "Hey, how have you been ?" without secretly knowing that they've been on a downward depressing spiral of emotions via their emotional tweets. Sigh. Do you get me ??

I do follow probably 5 real people because I find their tweets amusing or they usually tweet good stuff but that's about it. Same reason why I deleted Path and Facebook, I just don't wanna know anymore. I also just deactivated It was pointless, if anybody had any questions about anything, feel free to leave comments on my blog. Just click on the post title and scroll down on the page. Yes, you can be anonymous. So now it's just my blog and Instagram and Tumblr (which I am heavily considering about deactivating too, but we'll see).

One of my best friends has recently started donning the headscarf. I'd say hijab, but I've never really liked the word. Hijab has always sounded a bit pretentious to me for some odd reason I don't know why. I use the word too, sometimes. Buuuut, I prefer headscarf. Or tudung. Anyway, when I asked her and she said yes I was beyond happy and excited. I had legit tears in my eyes because I was that happy for her. I tweeted something probably a month ago that went somewhere along the lines of "Allow muslim women to dress modestly at their own pace, she may wear skinny jeans but little do you know just last month she gave up wearing shorts." I believe in that. Though I know covering up our aurah is an obligation, something that is wajib and is a command, but at this age. It is very hard to accept that. Let the girl take her own time and trust that she will wear it soon when her heart is opened up and ready to accept the headscarf. That way it will be sincere. Believe that the girl will think about the consequences and benefits of wearing the headscarf herself, and feel the need to without you drilling into her head that she and her parents are going to hell because she's not covering up her aurah. Pray for her instead, don't pressure her. If she has it in her heart to obey Allah's command then insyaallah, the day will come sooner than you think.

Anyway, I think that's enough rambling for the day. I've been killing time since 9AM after Irfan went off to uni and I'm currently waiting for the Citylink guy to deliver the parcel that's taking forever to arrive. My brother is still at school, my cats are all asleep and I have work in a couple of hours. 

I hope everyone's having a good week !

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