Saturday, 4 October 2014

Over & Done With

I'm done with finals ! My IT paper ended at 6 today and that marked the beginning of my month-long semester break. These past few months have been tiring, but fun. I love university life. I love how everything isn't spoon fed and that I get to be independent. I had 4 subjects for my first sem ; Islamic Studies, Intro to Information Technology, English Language Awareness and Practices of Management. I didn't have problems with any of them for finals,  hopefully my results will be just good as my mid-semester results if not better. Oh and I picked up my P license from my driving school today. A legal driver now, heck yeah. 

Semester break isn't exactly going to be a relaxing-do-nothing kind of break for me, I got myself a job at my neighbourhood Subway. I'll be making sandwiches for a month starting on Monday haha. (I know right, Baskin Robbins girl is finally stepping out of her comfort zone and is now venturing out to sandwiches). I'm excited to start working, but honestly I'm more excited about getting paid. Ever since I stopped working at Baskin Robbins, I've been broke. I've been living on my allowance and my now-gone Raya / birthday money. And now it has come to a point where I am legit broke... There's no point in going out enjoying myself during my semester break without any $$$, right ? Right. 

It's only been 3 days but this month has been good to me thus far, I had an amazing start to October. On Wednesday (01/10), I followed mama to work in the morning and then took the train (I love taking trains) to Bangsar to have Irfan pick me up from there. It was his sister Kak Imani's 21st birthday and the both of us decided to get her Krispy Kreme donuts and a card haha. There was also going to be a surprise for Kak Imani later that day at The Bee, Publika that her boyfriend had planned for her and decided to include us in the plan. Irfan and I had almost an hour to kill before having to pick his little sister Amilyn up from school at 2. After dropping off his sister home, we got donuts, a card and flowers for Kak Imani before making our way to Publika. Got to The Bee and I got so excited to see pink balloons and a banner being put up at the corner of the restaurant. 

Kak Imani loves donuts, which explains the donut themed deco and cake haha. Everything was adorable and pretty, I just love love love seeing a surprise being set up. It's just so sweet how everyone would work together to make someone happy. All of us were busy admiring the cake when I saw Leman (Kak Imani's boyfriend) and her walking towards The Bee. We lit up the cake, (the firework candles were cray), and seeing her surprised and teary made me happy. Surprise worked ! 

Everyone involved. 

I swear to God we have way too many photos of us with balloons.

Surprisingly good close up shot of me eating a fry. (It was the camera I'm sure)

Donut mess with us. 

I shared a burger with Irfan,  and the rest of the evening I spent laughing at / with him. Overall it was a really good day, (it's always a good day with Irfan tho) and I had a lot of fun. Only been a couple days since I last saw him but man do I miss him like crap. That's making me sound so clingy but I guess I am with Irfan haha. 

I'm off to watch Two Night Stand, and then catch up with my subscriptions on YouTube.  Feels soooo goooood not having to worry about finals anymore. I can finally do anything without the feeling of guilt and the 'omg I'm so going to regret this later'(s). 

Hope everyone had a great start to October too ! x

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