Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Mama's Wedding

Been meaning to update my blog about the wedding but I just haven't had the time. But here it is ! Fair warning : Get ready for a spam of photos. 

New dad, new sibs ! 

Door gifts 

Tudung game : Strong.

Mel used to leash me with a used correction tape strip and bring me around class. I was her lamb.
We also bonded through our Yoda-Vader, donut singing days about Bart Simpson. Ah, 14 year old us. 

I had Mars at an awkward hug the first time we met. Knew instantly that I'd get along with her really well.
Our sleepovers will most probably consist of food. Food only.

Going to be seeing Aina a lot more starting next month !!

Tania is the most generous person I know, and the sweetest. Crazy lovable, this one.

Farah = Drama queen #1. Hahahaha. She'll be a kickass lawyer one day.

First ever wedding together !

I used to see her 7 days a week without fail, until I moved to Shah Alam.
But we reunited since she moved closer to me. Hehe. She knows me best.

The most unexpected friendship I have, never knew the 5 of us would have the
bond we have today. They're the only things I miss about school. 

Typical Izza and Zicky. #welcometothefamily

Awkward first photo of us hahaha

Makes THE lamest jokes sometimes, but I'm almost always guilty of laughing anyway.
Sha is good at everything she does, and she's suuuuper smart.  

Zicky. Enough said. 

This happened last Sunday, 19th of October and... I have a new dad now ! Things are going to be different around the house, that's for sure. It's been just me, Zicky and Mama for the past 7 years and now we have a new person in the family and it's a really big deal to us. This is a kind of change that is good, a change we can most certainly adapt to. I am undoubtedly super happy for Mama, she has been strong for me and Zicky for way too long. Being both the mum and dad in the house. Being alone through all of the hard parts of maintaining a household. From bills, to food, to cleanliness, to our cats, to me and Zicky's teenage tantrums and confusing mood swings. I will always, always appreciate all the hard work and sacrifice she has done for us. Being a single mum was a struggle, and sometimes I know she cries in her room late at night because everything just gets overwhelming and she doesn't know if she can go on anymore. It was hard for her, but she is the strongest person I know. She managed to pull through and at the same time raising my brother and I the best that she could, making sure we got everything we ever needed without ever spoiling us, teaching us manners and lessons far beyond any classroom can teach, making sure that no matter what we do ; religion is important, and always being there for us no matter what. Mama is my mother and my best(est) friend. She is supportive, she is kind, she is the best listener, she is extremely understanding, she is beautiful inside and out. I wrote about her when I was 16 for her birthday and it's been two years but she still brings it with her everywhere she goes, and she reads it when she forgets her worth and how much she means to me. I am a handful. I have the most horrible mood swings, I don't think about what I say when I say it, I hurt her without knowing it, I am impatient and indecisive. But one thing for sure is that I love my mother more than anything. 

16 year-old me to Mama. 

"My mother. 

I love her. I love her more than she’ll ever know. If you ask me who the most important person in my life is, I would easily answer ‘my mother’ in a heartbeat. She is my hero, my inspiration to become a better person day by day and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her. She deserves the world on a silver platter. But I can’t give her that, and it upsets me. I’m only 16, and thinking about how many times I’ve hurt her, how many times I’ve violated her trust and how many times I’ve disappointed her, upsets me too. But without fail she is always on my side, she is always so supportive, she always has faith in me, believing that I could achieve anything I want. She forgives me no matter how many times I make her angry, she is understanding when I least expect her to be, she is everything a girl like me could ever ask for in a mother. 

She’s been through a lot, my mother. And when I say a lot, I do mean a lot. Raising my brother and I, practically by herself wasn’t easy, heck it isn’t easy. I can never be grateful enough to have her in my life. She has made so many sacrifices for the family that it makes it almost impossible to count them all, the long hours she spends at work just to provide for us, to put food on the table, to give us the best she can give, I could never repay her for all of that. 

I am the person I am today because of her. She has taught me so much, from chewing with my mouth closed, to saying thank you to almost everyone, to being patient when life hits me the hardest. My morals, my values, everything good that I am, I learned from her. She is my role model, she is the epitome of perfection (in my eyes at least). To say that she is the best mother in this world is an understatement because she is more than just that. She is the best kind of friend, she is the best kind of person you could ever wish to meet, and the nicest of course. She is unpredictable and sometimes her actions don’t make sense to me, but I know it’s all for the best and what she does, she does it for me and Zicky. She has the best intentions and I pray to Allah to give her a long and healthy life, and to always have her under His care. 

So here’s to the strongest, most beautiful, most loving, most wonderful woman in my life. 

Thank you for always being there for me, thank you for your unconditional, incomparable love, thank you for letting me run to your room and sleep in your bed in the middle of the night when there’s a thunderstorm outside, thank you for tolerating with my crazy antics, thank you for giving me more than I need. Thank you for loving Butter & Sapphire just as much as I do, thank you for simply being you ; my mother. 

I love you, Mama. Happy 39th Birthday."

What I think of her now still hasn't changed from what I thought of her almost 3 years ago. I love her so much. I hope Uncle Ekin (he's my stepdad now but I still don't know what to call him now that he's part of the family haha awkward situation I swear), takes extremely good care of her and to always have her back no matter what. And I hope the love they have for each other is the kind of love that is everlasting. I'm happy that mama has a partner now to go through everything with her, I'm happy she doesn't have to ever feel like she's alone again. 

The wedding was beautiful. Prior a week to the wedding, of course it was hectic and I kept thinking of the worst case scenarios, like what if this happens, what if that happens. But when the day finally came, I knew it was going to be perfect. I got ready around 6.30AM in a piece designed by Jovian Mandagie. I have never worn designer anything, and it was a shock to me that I was wearing that for the wedding. I didn't choose nor buy the dress if that isn't already obvious haha. I did my own makeup, which I was super proud of. Didn't do anything crazy to my face, I kept it au naturel but still looking polished. And I wore and came up with the way I wore my tudung on my own too !! That I was even more proud of myself. Self accomplishments in the morning was already a guarantee that the day was going to be a good one. We went to Aunty Nora's, mama got her makeup done there by the make up artist and my cousins and I were going back and forth to the masjid with all the stuff for the wedding. It was tiring having to run around everywhere but thank God my face / tudung / every physical aspect of me didn't show that haha. 

I was in charge of the door gifts, I had to arrange them on the table and I was also the one to give them out during the wedding. The wedding started at 10 sharp, the akad nikah, the pembatalan air wuduk and all of that happened beautifully. I was with Zicky and it was a weird feeling you know, seeing your mum get married haha. I was blocking probably everyone when I crawled right smack in front of the stage to take photos, but nobody could say anything cause I'm the bride's daughter hahahahahaha. Hanis came during the ceremony, Aina and Tania came right after the pembatalan air wuduk, Mars, Sha, Mel came together not long after that when everyone started eating, and Farah came a few minutes after that. You have no idea how happy I was that my best friends came, I've missed them like crazy and there were no better group of girls I would rather have spent with me at my mother's wedding. While they ate, I was busy passing door gifts from table to table with my cousin Jihah. I barely sat down, but when I did it was only for about 7 minutes max before I get called again to do something or to go on stage for a million family photos. I didn't even get to eat :( After that was done, I finally gave my friends their door gifts, they got the pink coconut arab candies in jars, glad my friends loved them. They couldn't stop eating them haha. 

Around 11 something people already started to leave, the wedding was short and sweet. 10AM - nikah, 10.30AM - eat and mingle and go home before Zohor. People started to leave which means... the stage / pelamin was empty and free to use. My friends and I love taking pictures of each other, if that isn't really obvious already lol. And Mars brought her camera ! That explains the very nice photos, plus her camera is NFC / WiFi enabled, means she could send us the photos directly from her camera to our phones. Which was freaking amazing, I didn't know cameras could do that now. 

After taking way too many photos, we sat back down and talked. I saw Jane and Syaza coming in and I was so happy to see them ! Jane looked so pretty in a selendang, I swear. I thought Jiha, Asyraaf and Nabel weren't coming because the wedding was almost ending but in they came after that and again, I was happy. Jane, Nabel, Jiha and Asyraaf are my best friends from my form 4 / form 5 in SMK Bukit Jelutong. They were my 5 days a week for two years, and I love them. Plus they're also my neighbours (except for Jane who just moved to Denai). I sat with them and teman them eat. Took more pictures after that, and then I went back to my SuDu girls. We wanted to take pictures outside this time hahaha. It was 12 and it was freaking hot outside, but really. We'd do anything to get nice pictures. I gave Hanis the keys to my house after that so all of them could wait for me at home, everyone has been to my house except for Aina, Farah, and Sha. Tania came for my surprise party last year, Mars slept over, Mel slept over, Hanis slept over. All different times haha. 

I went back in the hall, and told mama that my friends were coming over and she said I could go home already too and also to carry the presents home with me, so I said bye to Jane and Syaza who were leaving, Jiha, Acap and Nabel helped carry the presents out. Got home, and Hanis had to leave already cause her mum needed her to get food and be home by 2. She also gave me my belated birthday present !  

The rest of us stayed in my small room for a couple of hours, endless conversations and laughter about the stupidest things while we had chocolates. Farah was also studying for her law paper at the same time. My room is so small, but we were all comfortable just sitting down wherever we could and just talk. I swear, we don't need anything more than each other to have a really good time. I love the bond we have, I love how we all have different personalities that compliment each other in our circle of 10 (SuDu haha). They have been my best friends for about 5 years now and I'm really lucky to have them. They're all beauty with brains, and are absolute gems to me. I really wished Arissa and Syaza were there with me on the wedding day too, I miss them. 

My house was quiet after my friends went home. And my parents (whoa that was weird to say) were home, and Zicky too. So we all sat down in the living room to open presents together. We all barely ate at the wedding, we were hungry as hell and the fastest thing to cook was Maggi. Hence, Maggi was our first meal together as a family hahaha. 

The only flaw from the wedding day for me was that Irfan wasn't there. He couldn't make it and I was pretty sad about it but it's okay. But whatever it is, I am so happy that my best friends both SuDu and my Bukit Jelutong best friends were able to make it. Means so much to me that they were there with me on a life-changing day. 

Overall, my day was amazing. Weddings do bring everyone together. Life has been good since the wedding, I've been going to work everyday since and the house has more life to it now. My 5 cats are also adapting to the new member of our family ! x


  1. How did you wear your hijab? Tutorial or link to a tutorial please! :)

    1. I'll try my best to describe how haha, I couldn't find a tutorial exactly like this, I took inspiration from a girl I follow on Instagram.

      So what you do is make one side shorter that the other, the shorter side on the right and the length probably until above your belly button or longer, depending on how long your shawl is. And then, take one hujung of the shorter side and pin it near your ear instead of under your chin like how you would usually do with a normal tudung. You can pin it wherever near your ear or behind your ear or above your ear, as long as it covers your neck and creates like soft wave or pleats, I hope you get the picture.

      After that you can either take the other edge of the short one and pin it again near the ear to create more waves or you can leave it. Then you take the longer side, and instead of wrapping it tightly around your chin, you wrap it around your head loose, loose enough to show the waves you did with the shorter side that covers your neck.

      And from there you just wrap it around your head and pin it at the side :)

  2. What does your step dad do Izza? If you don't mind :)

  3. Mells 😍😍😍