Monday, 13 October 2014

Foodgasm Fest

Perfect lighting that I didn't even have to edit this but my God, it was so hot.
Irfan and I were melting and sweating. 

I was at the Foodgasm Fest at Kiara Park with Irfan, Kak Imani and Leman from 3PM til around 5ish when it started to rain. The atmosphere was great, I bumped into a lot of people I knew. That was kind of expected because after going to school in TTDI for two years, I've made a whole lot of friends in the TTDI / Damansara area. There were a lot of booths but most of the good ones had a really long queue, so after walking around. Irfan settled for a Philly Steak, I got Congo Bars and queued up for a chicken burger from the Burger Junkyard booth. The only stupid thing I found about the festival was that, there was only ONE place to get drinks and due to the overwhelming amount of people that came to the festival, they ran out of drinks around 3.45PM. I queued. When I was 2 people away from the counter, they told me there were no drinks left and that the next batch of drinks are going to arrive in about half an hour. The fuck ? So Irfan and I quickly jumped to the line beside ours, where they were still selling 7UPs in plastic cups. I told Irfan he could go to our tent first so his sister and Leman can go look for food. So I queued alone.. got to the front of the line and the same thing happened. "Air semua dah habis". What. WHAT. The organizers were the ones selling drinks, and because of that they didn't let any other booths at the festival sell drinks so they could get some profit too. Which I think is incredibly stupid. If you know you're going to be the only selling drinks, make sure it's enough for everyone. And they shouldn't have banned other booths from selling drinks too. It's okay to prohibit booths from selling the kind of drinks that they want to sell for example ; soft drinks. That way other booths can maybe sell juice or even mineral water. But no. They wanted to be the ONLY one selling drinks and then they ran out while half of the people at the festival were choking on their food (might be exaggerating but whatever). So that was the only con of the festival to me. 

SuDu. Beautiful best friends. MIA Hanis, Syaza, Tania and Arissa. 

I also met up with 5 out of 9 of my best best bestest friends ; Marissa (Mars), Sha, Aina, Farah and Mel. It was really nice to see them considering how far I live away from them so it's not easy for us to meet. I've missed them like crazy. I miss all of us hanging out together. Really glad that no amount of distance or days apart can break the bond I have with them. They're really something special to me. I wished Hanis, Arissa, Syaza and Tania were with us though but its okay, hopefully I'll see them all this coming Sunday. Since form 1, we've called ourselves the Super Dupers and the name has stuck until now, 5 years later haha. Our group on WhatsApp is called SuDu (short form for Super Dupers). So if I ever mention SuDu on this blog, you know it's them. 10 of us altogether. Even when I talk about them to Irfan, I'll just say SuDu instead of listing them one by one hahaha. Vivy Yusof has her ducks, and I have my SuDu(s). 

I tried this thing called Pisang Cheese and they were amazing. I never knew pisang goreng could taste so good with cheese and a bit of maple syrup. The burger I got from Burger Junkyard was really good too. I'm surprised I didn't go crazy with all the food there but I guess I was just way too lazy to queue up for anything. When it started to rain, we quickly packed up and Irfan and I went to the car first cause Kak Imani and Leman needed to get more food. After that we dropped by Petronas just to get drinks, we were crazyyyy thirsty. I went home last night pretty wet from the heavy rain haha. 

Foodgasm Fest was good minus the no drinks part. I had a lot of fun and it was so good seeing everyone. The best kind of day is getting to see my boyfriend and my best friends on the same day. More days like yesterday please ! As for now, I have to get ready to go to work in an hour. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to Subway from my house. Closing shift this week and I'm on service bar duty, which shouldn't be too bad. This week is going to be hectic, especially with the wedding going on this Sunday. 

Have a good week everyone ! 


  1. i love you kak izza :) you're so beautiful

    1. Aw I love you too ! Thank you so much, I'm sure you are too xx