Monday, 22 September 2014


Guess who just passed her JPJ test today ? 

No Monday blues for me because I'm extremely happy right now. A lot of my friends have already gotten their driving license months ago so I'm considered pretty late but oh my god, I can legally drive on the road now ! I don't think I'm getting a car of my own anytime soon, but being able to drive mama's car around now is going to be a lot of fun haha. Get ready for the 'P' sticker, ma. Coming home after my JPJ test to butter prawns and calamari was an added bonus. 

Finals are exactly a week from now and it's bad that I'm not panicking about it at all. But now that my JPJ test is done and over with, I can fully focus on acing my papers. I've been a nervous wreck for the past week because the thought of me failing Bahagian II (Bukit / Side-parking / 3 Pointer) again kept popping up in my mind. The relief I felt after going down the bukit was exhilarating, because that was the one I failed the last time I took the test earlier this month. I'm just so glad it's over and I can't wait to get my P license in a week++. 

Life has been pretty good to me since the last time I blogged. I went out with Irfan on the 13th and spending time with him makes me the happiest. MMXIX. I wanted to shop so badly but my boyfriend a.k.a my financial advisor succeeded in preventing me from spending on unnecessary things. On the 15th, I had dinner with my best friends Jane, Jiha, Asyraaf and Nabel at Mozer's. We used to see each other every day of the week for 2 years but now since everyone's in college / uni it's freakin hard to get us all together at once. I was never one to like school (even though I participated in a lot of things), but my double J's, Nabel and Acap made going to school a lot of fun. The day after that, I went out with Ary and our mums. I finally get the hype of Jibby & Co.'s Soft Shell Crab on Brioche. It was the bomb. 

The rest of the week besides going to class, I pretty much just read and watch animated disney movies. I felt the sudden urge to watch Lilo & Stitch in the past few days... I've watched it more than 4 times. I forgot how much I loved Lilo & Stitch. Just the first movie though, the movies and tv series they came up with after that I didn't find quite enjoyable. I've also been watching The Little Mermaid 2 : Return To The Sea a couple of times. I don't know man, I think I'm going through a phase. An animated movie phase. 

My Instagram feed has been full of people I know flying abroad to pursue their studies lately and I hope all of them realize how lucky they are to have an opportunity like that. I'd kill to study abroad but no rezeki for me yet. Hopefully in the near future, and by near future I mean a couple of years. But I will work hard for it, maybe even get a scholarship (there's no way I could save up or let my mum spend that much money on me) to study abroad. And insyaallah it'll be in UK that I'll be studying. Amin. 

Today has been a really good day for me, alhamdulillah. And I have a feeling it's going to continue to become a good week. How could it not be ? Irfan's birthday is tomorrow, Jiha's birthday the day after, and Jane's birthday this Saturday. It's going to be a great week, alright. My favourite month of the year is coming to an end, but October = Semester Break ! No plans yet but I have a feeling that I'm going to be working. Broke, broke, broke got no money in the bank. Literally. 

Dinner and then it's time to hit the books. Can't get distracted anymore and won't get distracted anymore. Bye.