Friday, 26 September 2014

Irfan's 19th

What better way to celebrate Pizzo's birthday than with pizza ? 

I've been sick these past couple of days and I did nothing but sleep. Still sick now but I'm getting better since I went to the clinic last night. Such horrible timing to be sick right now, especially when I have finals next week. Sigh. But anyway, on with the main reason why I wanted to blog today ; Irfan's Surprise ! It was his birthday a few days ago (23rd) and minus me staying up to be the first to wish him and posting a photo of us on Instagram, I did nothing. I had class that day so seeing him was impossible, on top of that I made him sad and angry that night too but he didn't know what was coming for him the next day hehe.

I've been planning with his friends Mik, Ando, Amirul and Zack in the past week to surprise him, we even made a WhatsApp group to make things easier, I even texted his mum asking for permission to do this. We decided to surprise him on Wednesday during lunch at Mikey's in Bangsar. So the day finally came, and I lied to him saying that I have class the whole day until 5. He told me Mik was coming to his place in the morning and that they were going to have lunch afterwards (part of our plan) I was in Bangsar since 11AM, I got wrapping paper and tape from Borders and sat down at Starbucks drinking tea while I attempt to wrap his present(s) and write him a letter. I got him 3 out of 4 of his dream cars (Ferrari 458, Porsche Carrera GT, Mercedes SLS AMG) lined the toy cars up and stuck on post it notes saying "Sorry I can't get you real ones yet :p " hahaha. Also got him one of those customised metal plate sign thingy that says 'REAL MADRID' in gold metallic wording and white background. I have other gifts for him coming, but for now that'll do. After I did all that, I walked to Balloon Buzz to get him balloons and candles. And from Balloon Buzz I walked to Mikey's to wait for the others. It was only around 1pm when I got there and I had no idea what time everyone else was coming. I sat and ordered myself something light to eat since I was starving and while I was eating one of the balloons popped !! After I ate, I made the guys at Mikey's watch over my other balloons while I ran down to Balloon Buzz to get a couple more red balloons.

It was hot and I was probably sweating like nobody's business plus I was walking with balloons, so everyone I passed by probably looked at me like 'whoa what is she up to running around the streets of Bangsar with balloons'. So I got back to Mikey's and Mik told me they're about to leave the house. I was already freaking excited by then haha. Waited.. and waited.. and then I saw their car pass by in front of Mikey's and I saw Irfan so I was trying to hide my face like an idiot and thank God he didn't see me. They parked and finally started walking towards Mikey's. I saw them and I was already smiling. The look on Irfan's face was priceless hahahaha. I was happy to see him and he was happy and surprised to see me too. I made it sound like it was just a plan between Mik and I so he wouldn't expect that his other friends are coming later too. Irfan and Mik ate, I wasn't really hungry. Just anxious. I was so scared I might blurt out something stupid or if the other part of the surprise wouldn't work. The three of us talked and Irfan noticed me texting a lot, and then came the never-ending questions. "Who are you texting ?" "Are you hiding something from me ?" "Don't lie. You usually tell me everything". Oh. My. God. I am horrible at lying to people I love, it just shows on my face, and Irfan has been with me long enough to know how I act when I'm hiding something. Mik was backing me up subtly, and I kept wanting to change the subject.

Finally, his friends texted me saying they're all almost there. So I stood up and went to the counter and ordered a whole pizza pie and told them to put candles on them like I asked earlier. And told them specifically not to serve until I tell them to. Sat back down, made another stupid like of how I ordered two things for myself trying to buy time for his friends to show up. In the midst of waiting for my "food" to arrive, Irfan was telling us how he missed his other friends and wondered what they were up to at Notts. I smiled to myself cause little does Irfan know that they're going to show up any minute now. My "food" was taking a while and Irfan just had to call one of the waiters and asked them why my food hasn't arrived yet. I was like "no no its okay !" and the waiter looked at me and asked if I wanted my pie now. I was just like.. err no later later (fuck now he knows I ordered a pie).

We talked, and talked and then I saw his friends walking towards Mikey's. They came surprising Irfan from the back and I got to see the priceless happy look on his face again. Which is honestly one of the best things, because I love seeing him happy. Even more when I know that I'm the reason behind it. I was laughing while he greeted all of his friends. Surprise part 2 worked !!!! It was nice to see all of them again, and to meet Alina and Wina and Hakim. I looked at Irfan and asked him quietly if he was happy, "I am genuinely surprised and of course I'm happy ! Can't believe you did all this. I love you." Felt like crying happy tears but no Izza, act cool act cool. I told the waiters to bring out the pizza pie with the candles and that worked out well too. The pizza is huge and it made me so happy looking at the candles light up haha.

After eating and endless conversations about different things. Wina and Zack had to leave, and then Amirul and Alina. The rest of us stayed for a bit to wait for the heavy rain to subside before going home. I had fun planning Irfan's surprise with his friends. And more than anything I'm glad we were able to make him happy. That's the most important thing and I don't know, someone as amazing as him deserves nothing but happiness. Here's to many many more birthday celebrations together. x