Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Turning Point

Salam Ramadan ! 

I know I'm 4 days late, but technically today is my first day of fasting (girls, you know why), so today's the starting line of me doing my acts of worship a lot more extensively. Ramadan is and has always been my favourite month of the year. It's such a beautiful, beautiful month and I am grateful for all of us who are well and alive today to observe Ramadan again. 

Ramadan might be our turning point. It's the month to change ourselves, whether it's just for this month or for our whole lives (hopefully, the latter). This month, everybody is changing for the better. One way or another.  Muslims around the world are doing this together, know this and you'll realise how amazing Ramadan is. People who didn't use to pray at all, are praying more now and even going for terawih, people who didn't read the Quran the whole year, this is the time they pick it up, people who used to go partying til wee hours of the morning, now find themselves having sahur with their loved ones instead. We're changing, even if it's just for this month, it's a start.

With that said, it's the month to restart and refresh your life. If you observe the month of Ramadan the best that you can, if you seek for forgiveness and repent properly, insyaAllah all of your past sins will be forgiven. Can you imagine that ? This month, that could happen. But you have to be sincere, you have to want this. But it's not enough to just seek forgiveness from our Creator, you have to seek forgiveness from everyone, and you too, have to forgive yourself. Don't beat yourself up for all the wrong things you've done in your life. Don't hold grudges on people who have done or said things to you, Allah can forgive you, so you have no reason to not forgive them. Reconnect with your friends and family, go buka and terawih with them. Do things together for the sake of Allah, imagine how much your pahala will multiply. Observing the month of Ramadan is not just about fasting and the prayers you make, and how much Quran you read. Its also about how you act. How you behave. How you carry yourself. How you treat others. This month, all of that changes. This month, it's easier for us to become patient, it's easier for us to do more good and less bad. It's not too late for us.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Let's Talk : Surviving Diploma

Diploma would've sucked without them

I’m officially a Human Capital Management diploma holder ! Qualification isn’t everything, but I have to admit that it does feel amazing to have something to my name. 

//   S U R V I V I N G  D I P L O M A  //

  1. Pay attention in class and what the lecturer says. Jot down notes whenever possible, don’t rely on your printed material. It’s not enough. 
  2. Also, make it a point to remember the examples your lecturer gives, it’s going to help when you write an exam paper and they see that you actually pay attention haha.
  3. Try not to skip classes unless you’re sure that you’re not going to miss anything important.
  4. Take your assignments seriously. Don’t just do it for the sake of finishing it. Put thought into it, do your research, look up the internet. They carry a big percentage to your overall coursework so you should give your very best effort.
  5. If you don’t know, ask. And I don’t just mean asking your lecturer. Ask your friends ! They’re more than willing to help you understand if you just ask. I am so weak at any subjects that have calculations or numbers, so I make it a point to ask my friends to teach me and alhamdullilah, I managed to do well despite feeling incredibly stupid in class haha.
  6. And this brings me to my next point; If your friends don’t know, you help by teaching them. The more you expain to people, the better you understand. Nobody should be stingy with their knowledge.
  7. Ace your presentations ! Before presenting, make sure you thoroughly understand the topic you’re presenting. Make sure your slides are not lengthy, section them into points and you do the elaborations verbally. DO. NOT. JUST. READ. Try to explain in your own words, and give your own examples.
  8. If no one is taking the lead, you take the lead. In a group assignment, don’t just wait around for somebody to say something if you know that you should start already. You divide the task, ask who wants to do which, compile, submit on the deadline. Don’t wait around. Yes, you are going to look and seem bossy, but that’s just how it has to be. A quote I pretty much live by : Nothing will work unless you do. 

Friday, 31 March 2017

Life update, not really

Let's be frank - my new year's resolution of wanting to blog more this year is... not really happening haha. Nowadays, when I'm not stressing out about uni stuff, I'm either sleeping or spending time with my loved ones (cats, included). Assignments are piling up like nobody's business, I have mid-semester exams next week, siiiiigh I'm counting the days until my semester break. March was a good month for me tho, I saw Irfan every week ! Usually on Wednesdays after class, and our dates have been my ultimate stress relief. 
Whether it's lunch, or a movie date, or sitting in a coffee shop, or all of the above (!), I just really love being in his company, and I'm glad we still amuse each other hahah. 

Anyway, speaking of movies, Logan is good, Kong - not so, LIFE is a good movie too but incredibly f-ed up, and lastly, the movie that I just watched yesterday ; Beauty and the Beast - I loved it. I loved it. I loved it !! So. Much. I'm one of those girls who grew up adoring Disney princesses, and Belle has always been in my top 3 (if you need to know the sequence ; my #1 is Ariel, #2 is Belle, #3 is Mulan) so when I heard about the Beauty and the Beast remake last year, I freaked out. Freaked out even more when I knew that Emma Watson is Belle. After months of anticipating the movie, I watched it yesterday with Mama and Zicky and aghh it was magical. I was smiling throughout most of the movie and lip-syncing the songs (except for the new ones). Beauty and the Beast made me really happy, and Emma is the perfect Belle. Please go watch! For movies that are not in showing in cinemas, I highly recommend watching Queen of Katwe, and both of the Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan movies. Really loved watching those too.